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#491 PTB *grey-k THROAT

This etymon was formerly reconstructed as *gre‑k.

In line with the frequently noted tendency of words meaning NECK / THROAT to have velar initials, we have reconstructed no fewer than eleven etyma with initial velars or velar clusters: #389 PTB *s/r‑gwa‑n NECK / NAPE, #481 PTB *s/m‑key‑k NECK, #486 PTB *l‑kwak THROAT / NECK, #488 PTB *k‑(r/l)aw THROAT / PALATE, #489 PTB *k/s‑raw(k/ŋ)*k‑rwa(k/ŋ) THROAT, #491 PTB *grey‑k THROAT, #493 PTB *kak THROAT, #494 PTB *ka THROAT / NECK, #495 PTB *kwa THROAT / NECK, #3361 PTB *gwaŋ NECK / THROAT, and #5651 PTB *ku NECK / THROAT.

It is highly likely that some of these etyma are allofams of each other. It is equally likely that a given supporting form may have been assigned to the wrong etymon. However, on the basis of the available data, this may be the best that can be done at this point.

118754491,4861042krek krukAdam's apple / larynx / glottisMeithei131.4Meithei1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0
47026491,4861063kèk◦krúkadam's apple / larynxMikir [Karbi]141.5Mikir [Karbi]1Grüssner 79 BPKHG-MikirQ410
118668491,s724kare◦pāthroat / gullet / esophagusKaike222.1.2Bodic1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0
118706491,s1568gre-bawindpipe; gulletTibetan (Written) 87 BPJAM-Ety0
79783491,490,3361999ka¹ rᴇ¹| ol¹ ◦gɯŋ¹throatManang (Gyaru)232.1.4Tamangish1Nagano 84 ManYN-Man0260
118659491,m,s913ce◦bop◦māthroat / gullet / esophagusLimbu312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0