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1.9.5 Vagina

Etyma for VAGINA and PENIS show frequent interchange and/or phonological similarity, by a phenomenon felicitously dubbed “genital flipflop” by Benedict.1 The roots where this interchange is most evident include: #661 PTB *s‑tu VAGINA / VULVA : #3420 PTB *k‑tu‑k PENIS; #1616 PTB *li‑n VAGINA : #1284 PTB *m‑ley*m‑li PENIS; #1352 PTB *s/m‑ti CLITORIS / VAGINA : #641 PTB *ti‑k PENIS; #1353 NEIA *mo VAGINA : #547 PTB *maːk PENIS / MALE / SON-IN-LAW. This relationship is indicated by a yin-yang curve in the semantic diagram.

Roots for VAGINA also show interchange with etyma for MOUTH. See especially #1356 PTB *dzyuk*tsyuk VULVA; #686 PTB *si(ŋ/k) MOUTH / LIP; and #667 PTB *tsyin VAGINA / CLITORIS / MOUTH / LIP.

There is also an association between VAGINA and ANUS (see, e.g. #3432 PTB *huŋ HOLE and #665 PTB *kwar HOLE / ORIFICE / INNARDS).

An association between CLITORIS and UVULA is shown by Mizo daŋ‑mɔn ‘uvula’, literally “palate-clitoris”. See VSTB, p. 67.

We are not including roots for FEMALE/WOMAN in this chapter, since they seem quite independent of etyma for the “female organs”. (Apparent exceptions are a few forms from rGyalrong, e.g. NW rGyalrong tə◦stə ‘female’ < #661 PTB *s‑tu VAGINA / VULVA; but these may be misglossed.) On the other hand, words for MALE do frequently interchange with words for the male genitals; some of these etyma are accordingly discussed in Chapter 1.9.7 below.

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
661138Vagina1.9.576.0s-tuVAGINA / VULVA2PTB0.121KEEP1stedt
35890Vagina1.9.577.0dzyuk ⪤ tsyukVULVA / VAGINA / MOUTH / LIP2PTB0.1PAF cf. HPTB p. 6600KEEP1stedt
135621Vagina1.9.577.1dzyuk ⪤ tsyukVULVA2PTB0.120KEEP1stedt
47810Vagina1.9.577.2tsyukMOUTH / LIP2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
134918Vagina1.9.578.0si(ŋ/k)VAGINA2PTB0.1cf. 686 MOUTH/LIP10KEEP1stedt
68644Vagina1.9.579.0si(ŋ/k)MOUTH / LIP2PTB0.1cf. 1349 VAGINA10KEEP1stedt
66719Vagina1.9.580.0tsyinVAGINA / CLITORIS / MOUTH / LIP2PTB0.1cf. WOMB/PLACENTA10KEEP1stedt
66265Vagina1.9.581.0b(y)atVAGINA2PTB0.1cf. HPTB p. 37521KEEP1stedt
135414Vagina1.9.583.0tsyaVAGINA / COPULATE2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
161638Vagina1.9.584.0li-nVAGINA2PTB0.1related to PENIS roots?10KEEP1stedt
6689Vagina1.9.585.0puVAGINA2PTB0.1("Him") 10KEEP1stedt
135310Vagina1.9.586.0moVAGINA3NEIA1("NAG") 10KEEP1stedt
34309Vagina1.9.587.0tsyumVAGINA / COPULATE2PTB0.1("HIM") only in Bantawa, Tamang10KEEP1stedt
34294Vagina1.9.588.0wyanVAGINA2PTB0.1Mikir; Bai10KEEP1stedt
34315Vagina1.9.589.0syaŋVAGINA / CLITORIS2PTB0.1in Bantawa, Ugong10KEEP1stedt
135219Vagina1.9.591.0s/m-tiCLITORIS / VAGINA2PTB0.1667?20KEEP1stedt
34329Vagina1.9.592.0huŋHOLE2PTB0.1in Limbu, Bisu, Shixing; cf. 82030KEEP1stedt
34282Vagina1.9.595.0rikPUBIC HAIR29PKir2.3("Him") only in Limbu, Hayu10KEEP1stedt

^ 1.
Benedict 1979, “A note on Karen genital flipflop” (LTBA 5.1:21-24); 1981 “A further (unexpurgated) note on Karen genital flipflop” (LTBA 6.1:103); 1991 “Genital flipflop: a Chinese note” (LTBA 14.1:143-6).