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#3432 PTB *huŋ HOLE

Reconstructed mesoroots below:

This root has so far been uncovered only in a few widely separated languages, which paradoxically seems to assure that it can be reconstructed for PTB. The basic meaning seems to be HOLE/ORIFICE, which is the gloss of the Limbu cognate syllable in isolation.

This root may be allofamically related to #820 PTB *(g/k)uŋ HOLE / ORIFICE / INNER PART.

The Karbi form kehot ‘glans penis’ is not related to this root; the morpheme hot is glossed as ‘niche, groove’ in Walker 1925, p. 57. Cf. Lahu nī‑qhɛ̀ʔ ‘penis’, where the second syllable means ‘notch (as a stick); chip; break off a piece’. The semantic association lies evidently in the notched appearance of the glans.

119907664,m,3432913hi-rā-hongvaginaLimbu312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0
30303664,m,3432914hi-rā-hongvaginaLimbu312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Matisoff 85 GSTCJAM-GSTC1840
1182871284,3432913le hoŋhole of penis; meatus urinariusLimbu312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0
117926803,806,3432913ne◦bo◦hoŋnostrilLimbu312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0
74848803,806,3432911nE◦bu◦hoŋnostrilLimbu312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Michailovsky 89 LmBM-Lim0
132308803,806,2093,p,34321644na◦bu?◦kaː ɔ◦hɔŋnostrilYakha312.3.1Eastern Kiranti1Kohn 90TK-Yakha3.5.20
130975572,34321408qhɑ⁵⁵ huŋ³³anus / rectumXumi343.2Qiangic1Sun H 91 ShiQSHK-ShixQ0
51278661,3432344tɔ◦hɔ́ŋvaginaBisu486.1.2.3Southern Loloish1Beaudouin 88 BisuPB-Bisu160
3114203432,m,6721618ḥoŋ-dǔŋ-yɛ́placentaUgong486.1.2.3Southern Loloish1Bradley 93 UgoDB-Ugong0