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#3420 PTB *k-tu-k PENIS

This root, which has allofams both with and without a final velar stop, is found in several different subgroups of TB: NE Indian Areal Group, Himalayish, Asakian, Qiangic (including Xixia), and Baic. It has so far not been discovered in Lolo-Burmese or Karenic.

This root resembles #3423 PTB *tsu PENIS. The possibility that these two etyma might be one and the same is reinforced by the natural tendency of /t/ to become affricated before /u/, as witnessed by Japanese, where /tu/ is realized as [tsɯ].

This etymon also bears a perhaps accidental resemblance to #661 PTB *s‑tu VAGINA / VULVA.

An apparently prefixal k‑ is attested in Kham and Spiti. Cf. also the Tangut binome khǐu̱ thu.

157251548,3420498mak-tukpenisDamu741.1.1.2Eastern Tani1Sun J 93 TaniJS-Tani0
167339p,3420256(u) tho⁵⁵penisAngami (Kohima)651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Nienu 90 AngQVN-AngQ10.3.10
1675653420,1624487thü³¹ la³¹penisChokri651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Nienu 90 ChoQVN-ChkQ10.3.10
2917p,3420,1624421²u²tho²lapenisChokri651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT1420
477613420,m880tu◦darpenisLalung [Tiwa]801.7.1.1Bodo1Balawan 65MB-Lal78 1
477603420,m,m,m880tu◦khi sha◦lascrotumLalung [Tiwa]801.7.1.1Bodo1Balawan 65MB-Lal780
477593420,m,305,1181880tu◦ki ku◦thitesticleLalung [Tiwa]801.7.1.1Bodo1Balawan 65MB-Lal780
12711334201426kotopenisSpiti242.1.2.1Tibetan1Bodh 91CB-SpitiQ10.3.10
2350383420519taupenisDhimal602.1.5Dhimal1King 94 DhBPJK-Dh0
2350403420,363519ta◦muĩman's pubic hairDhimal602.1.5Dhimal1King 94 DhBPJK-Dh0
3114403420,m519ta◦tuipenisDhimal602.1.5Dhimal1King 94 DhBPJK-Dh0
88363420,16241176tuk◦lapenisNewar (Dolakhali)272.2Newar1Genetti 90 DolaCG-Dolak0
668093420766katupenisKham282.4Kham-Magar-Chepang1Watters 89 KhQDNW-KhamQ0
127953420766katupenis (child's)Kham282.4Kham-Magar-Chepang1Watters 89 KhQDNW-KhamQ0
177581640,34201491khǐu̱ thupenisTangut [Xixia]333.1Tangut1Dai 89 XixiDQ-Xixia10.3.10
13221234201493thu²penisTangut [Xixia]333.1Tangut1Sofronov 97MVS-Grin0
23465934201494TupenisTangut [Xixia]333.1Tangut1Nishida 64 TanNT-SGK269-0520
130603p,m,3420617tə◦skʰər◦doktesticlerGyalrong (Northern)783.3.1rGyalrong1Sun H 91 rNQSHK-rGNQ10.3.50
808773420309tu³³penisBai (Jianchuan)518Bai1Zhao 90ZYS-Bai10.3.10
808783420,m,m,386309tu³³ tɯ̱²¹ po̱²¹ kʰo³³glans penisBai (Jianchuan)518Bai1Zhao 90ZYS-Bai10.3.2 2

^ 1.
A Lalung subtlety should be noted: the first elements of tu‑dar ‘penis’ and tu ki ku‑thi ‘testicle’ are to be assigned to #3420 PTB *k‑tu‑k PENIS; on the other hand, the first element of Lalung tu‑di ‘egg’ is from #1604 PTB *daw BIRD ‘bird’. This is somewhat confusing, since #300 PTB *d(w)əy EGG / TESTICLE sometimes means ‘testicle’ rather than ‘egg’.
^ 2.
Bai tɯ̱²¹ po̱²¹ ‘head’.