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#1353 NEIA *mo VAGINA

This root is confined strictly to the Naga languages with the meaning VAGINA. Several of the reflexes in this set resemble forms that have been assigned to #547 PTB *maːk SON-IN-LAW / GENITALS / PENIS / MALE / VAGINA [q.v.], a root which also has several reflexes that mean ‘vagina’.

539218,1353257⁵u²mievaginaAngami Naga651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT474 1 2
167342p,1353256(u) mie³¹vaginaAngami (Kohima)651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Nienu 90 AngQVN-AngQ10.4.10
167343p,1353,363256(u) mie³¹ mia⁵⁵female pubic hairAngami (Kohima)651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Nienu 90 AngQVN-AngQ10.4.50
5394p,1353785¹e²movaginaKhezha651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740
5385p,13531016²o⁵movaginaMao651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740
5389p,13531338⁵a¹movaginaRengma (Southern)651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740
5386p,13531381¹a¹movaginaSema [Sumi]651.3.2Angami-Pochuri Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740
5388m,1353905ka-movaginaLiangmei641.3.3Zeme Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740
538713531346mæ̂uvaginaRongmei / Nruanghmei641.3.3Zeme Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740
5384662,13531695¹pe⁵muvaginaZeme641.3.3Zeme Group1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT4740

^ 1.
Angami ⁵u is a general body-part prefix.
^ 2.
The vowel of Angami ²mie seems an unlikely reflex of *‑o (< #1353 NEIA *mo VAGINA); yet the alternative of assigning this form to #547 PTB *maːk SON-IN-LAW / GENITALS / PENIS / MALE / VAGINA seems no better, since the regular Angami reflex of *‑ak seems to be ‑o (e.g. WEAVE *dak > Ang. do; ANT *‑rwak > Ang. cho).