The Allofam Box

An etymon may have a number of allofams (variant forms). When one clicks on a tag number in the lexicon table or etyma table, a page appears giving an overview of the reflexes tagged for that etymon. If the etymon has a number of allofams, these are listed in the allofam box in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage:

(If the etymon has only several variants, these are given in a 'pan-allofamic formula' rather than listing the allofams in an allofam box. For example, #388 bo(ŋ) ⪤ po(ŋ) HEAD is easily expressed as a pan-allofamic formula.)

Each of the allofams has its own tag number, and is listed in the allofam box as a clickable link. By clicking on the link, the user is led to a page giving the reflexes which support that particular allofam.