Electronic Etymologies: The Root Canal

The primary focus of the STEDT project is the production of the Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus, organized by semantic fields. For background on Tibeto-Burman and introduction to methodology we use, see the Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman. The first volume of the Dictionary is Body Part Nomenclature, which will be published in smaller, bite-sized chunks. The first chunk, consisting of etymologies relating to reproductive anatomy (referred to in-house as "the reproductive fascicle") has been published under the title The Tibeto-Burman Reproductive System: Toward an Etymological Thesaurus . Further publications will be in electronic format and will be available at this URL:


Volumes of the Dictionary and Thesaurus

The current projection for the entire series is as follows:

Volume 1 Body Parts
Volume 2 Animals
Volume 3 Natural Objects, Plants, Foods
Volume 4 Kinship Terms, Ethnonyms, Social Roles
Volume 5 Culture, Artifacts, Religion
Volume 6 Verbs of Motion, of Manipulation, and of Production
Volume 7 Adjectival Verbs
Volume 8 Abstract Nouns and Verbs, Psychological Verbs, Verbs of Utterance
Volume 9 Shape, Size, Color, Measure, Number, Time, Space
Volume 10 Grammatical words

Other Publications

In addition to the main volumes, STEDT also publishes a monograph series. Descriptions and order information for these and other publications is available on the STEDT publications page.