Source Bibliography

The Source Bibliography link on the splash page leads the user to the Source Bibliography interface:

The Source Bibliography provides bibliographical references for all of the source data contained in the STEDT database. Information is arranged in four columns:

  1. citation
  2. languages
  3. records
  4. reference

By clicking on the header of any of these columns, one can toggle the sort order. e.g. from A to Z or Z to A; from sources with the least number of languages to the source with the most languages; and from the source containing the fewest number of records to the source containing the greatest number of records. The default sort order for the page is to sort alphabetically by the citation field.

The citation field gives the abbreviation used in the STEDT search interfaces for each source. This field is a clickable link; by clicking, the user is led to a page which 1. gives a citation for the source which s/he can then copy and paste, and 2. metadata about the source, including the ISO 693-3 code for the languages contained in the source; the language name used in the STEDT database; the language code (internal use); the subgroup to which the language belongs within Tibeto-Burman; and the number of records in the STEDT database from the source. The languages field indicates the number of languages that appear in the STEDT database from a given source. The records field indicates how many lexical records appear in the STEDT database from a given source. The reference field provides the bibliographical reference for each source.