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#3423 PTB *tsu PENIS

This allofam is only shakily attested. The Spiti and Ergong forms look parallel, and it is possible that the latter is a borrowing from a western Tibetan dialect (no similar form has been uncovered in Written Tibetan). The fit between the Hayu form and the others is excellent.

5624p,3423,3590275²ta³tsɯ³tšaŋtesticleAo (Chungli)631.3.1Central Naga (Ao Group)1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT617a0
127114m,34231426bu◦tsupenisSpiti242.1.2.1Tibetan1Bodh 91CB-SpitiQ10.3.10
13707m,3423559pə tsəpenisErgong (Daofu)353.3rGyalrongic1Dai 89 DaofDQ-Daofu10.3.10