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Note the following three WT forms for ‘throat’: ʼog‑ma ⪤ lkog‑ma ↮ ʼol‑ma.

It is difficult to distinguish among the velar-initialed etyma: #486 PTB *l‑kwak THROAT / NECK, #495 PTB *kwa THROAT / NECK, and #3361 PTB *gwaŋ NECK / THROAT. Compare Sangkong aŋ³³khoŋ³¹ and Phunoi ʔã⁵⁵ko¹¹ (both ‘throat’). The Phunoi form cannot be from *‑waŋ, since *‑waŋ > on/õ, cf. ‘wing’ ʔã́ tṍ#711 PTB *dwaŋ WING / HAND, ‘thigh’ ʔã́‑pon#404 PTB *(p/b)waŋ HIPS / BUTTOCKS / TAIL / ANUS.

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
627146Swallow1.əw-kSWALLOW (v.) / THROAT2PTB0.1cf. STC#153, fn. 143; TSR #137; HPTB pp. 81, 8411KEEP1stedt
213011Swallow1. / NOSE / SWALLOW2PTB0.121KEEP1stedt
33714Swallow1. (v.)35PrGy3.3("PQ") Qiangic00KEEP0stedt
34007Swallow1. (v.)2PTB0.136110KEEP1stedt
40863Swallow1.3.5.62102.0ɗook ⪤ ɗuukGULP / SWALLOW8PKC1.2PKC #8600KEEP0stedt
41104Swallow1.3.5.63300.0ɗolʔSWALLOW8PKC1.2PKC #11000KEEP0stedt
51729Swallow1.3.5.63301.0walSWALLOW68PNC1.2.1.1PKC #1172 ("PNC")00KEEP0stedt
64519Swallow1.3.5.63303.0metSWALLOW (v.)5PTani1.1.1JS-HCST: 11300KEEP1stedt
50554Swallow1.3.5.63305.0lem-I, lemʔ-IISWALLOW / GULP70PCC1.2.2PKC #1055 ("PCC")00KEEP0stedt