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Many TB words meaning MOLAR are compounds: Lepcha fo‑góm and Bokar jiː‑kam are compounds of TOOTH + JAW. (See #630 PTB *gam JAW / CHIN / MOLAR.) Lahu cì‑g̈àʔ‑ma ‘molar’ is a compound of #635 PTB *m‑dzyway TOOTH / TUSK and #5669 PTB *rak WEAVE / DRIVE / CHASE. Lushai (Mizo) ha‑pui ‘molar’ is a compound of #632 PTB *s/p‑wa TOOTH and #1622 PTB *pwi(y)‑n FEMALE / MOTHER / BIG / MOLAR.

Etyma in this chapter

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33195Molar1.ār-MOLAR62IAX.1.1loan < Nepali00KEEP0stedt
162241Molar1. / MOTHER / BIG / MOLAR2PTB0.1cf. STC#171, HPTB pp.197, 201, 44811KEEP1stedt