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1.4.8 Back

Many Lolo-Burmese forms for ‘back’ are apparently descended from a bi-syllabic protoform #225 PTB *m‑daŋ BUTTOCKS / HIPS / TAIL / LOWER BACK / LOINS + #219 PTB *k(w)a(ŋ/k) WAIST / HIPS / BUTTOCKS / TAIL / BACK, as Bisu taŋ‑khaŋ. We also note the frequent pattern #1 PTB *guŋ BODY / BACK + #225 PTB *m‑daŋ BUTTOCKS / HIPS / TAIL / LOWER BACK / LOINS, as Lisu gu³⁵ du³¹. Lolo-Burmese languages show no real evidence for #211 PTB *k(r)aw*k(y)aw BACK or #206 PTB *(k/g)um BACK / BODY.

Note the following forms for ‘back’ : Sde-dge Tibetan dʑɑʔ³¹loʔ⁵³, Sherpa 'gyap‑lā, Shixing dʑo³³lɑ³⁵. The second syllables seem to be related to WT logs ‘side’, for which we have no PTB etymology.

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
21184Back1.4.81.0k(r)aw ⪤ k(y)awBACK2PTB0.1see 2828,332400KEEP1stedt
203123Back1.4.82.0s-nu(ŋ/k)BACK / BEHIND / AFTER2PTB0.1incl 204,1100. TSR 155 PLB *ʔ-nok/ŋ, STC#354, GD#?, HPTB00KEEP1stedt
20973Back1.4.83.0g/b-liŋ ⪤ g/b-lyaŋBACK / SPINE2PTB0.1incl old 210,1374. GSR 76a-c, WSC p. 138 *gljagx10KEEP1stedt
20733Back1.4.84.0m-k(y)unBACK / KIDNEY2PTB0.1incl 46, see VSTB41KEEP1stedt
110718Back1.4.85.0manBACK (lower) / BUTTOCKS2PTB0.1incl 20010KEEP1stedt
20631Back1.4.86.0(k/g)umBACK / BODY2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
332239Back1.4.87.0tu(k/ŋ)BACK (of body)2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
332633Back1.4.88.0pa(ŋ/k)BACK / BOTTOM / UNDER / BEHIND2PTB0.1WTF-PNN 572-3, via PKB p.c.00KEEP0stedt
332419Back1.4.89.0(l/n)amBACK (body)2PTB0.1("KMR") cf 2828,211 *lam-ku10KEEP1stedt
332318Back1.4.810.0m-ruŋBACK (body)2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
282733Back1.4.812.0kurBACK (adv.) / BACK (body part)2PTB0.1JS-HCST: 22510KEEP1stedt
332525Back1.4.813.0klonBACK (body)50PKar710KEEP1stedt
33304Back1.4.815.0pawWAIST / BACK / BUTTOCK2PTB0.1attested: Achang, Maram, Jingpho, Langsu00KEEP1stedt
641727Back1.4.81094.0lam-kuBACK (n.)5PTani1.1.1JS-HCST: 15500KEEP1stedt