STEDT Questionnaires

An important method of obtaining data for the STEDT database is through our STEDT questionnaires. The questionnaires are blank word lists organized by semantic field corresponding to the sections of the STEDT volumes. In 1989 STEDT distributed its first questionnaire, on Body Parts, to dozens of Tibeto-Burmanists. The data collected from these respondents has been invaluable in the preparation of the first volume of STEDT. We have now developed questionnaires on Animals and Natural Objects. Colleagues with data on Tibeto-Burman languages are invited to fill out these questionnaires and return them to us. All data received in this way will be properly credited to the respondents.

Other questionnaires are under development at this time. Please refer back to this page again.

Questionnaires are now available in the following archive in both Microsoft Word 5.1 (Mac), and in plain text formats.

Individual Plain Text Questionnaires

Questionnaire Archives (both formats)

The ZIP archive may be extracted with any of a family of tools including StuffIt Expander, WinZip or unzip (on Unix, Linux, and many other platforms). Users of MS Windows XP should be able to extract this archive with no additional software.

The 100k StuffIt Archive must be expanded using StuffIt Expander 5.1.3 or later, available for free right here from Aladdin Systems.