Contributing Data

The STEDT Project welcomes contributions of original data from Tibeto-Burman languages for inclusion in the database. Contributing your data to STEDT increases its visibility and usefulness to other TB researchers.

We at STEDT take the greatest care to protect the intellectual property rights of all contributors. Each lexical entry in our database contains a field identifying the original source of the data (author, work, page/set number). These sources are also individually cited in publications that utilize information from the STEDT database.

If you would like to contribute, there are essentially two options:

A. Send us your data in whatever electronic format you prefer
B. Prepare your data before submission.

While A is perfectly acceptable and is the easiest option for you, it increases the delay in importing your data.

If you choose B, we ask that you send your data in some modern spreadsheet/database/plaintext format (txt, xls(x), mdb, etc.) and include at least the following fields:

  • form
  • gloss

In addition, inclusion of the following additional fields would be helpful:

  • (alpha)numeric id for each entry (e.g. unique identifier or published page number)
  • grammatical category of each entry
  • morphological notes (if applicable)

Please email your contribution as an attachment to along with the following information:

  • language name & dialect
  • where/when the data was collected
  • closest ISO 639-3 code (SIL code)
  • if your data has already been published, a bibliographic citation

Thank you for contributing not only to STEDT, but to the field of TB as a whole!