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This is one of over 30 TB etyma showing interchange between *p‑ and *w‑, including such important roots as AXE, BAMBOO, BELLY, MAN/HUSBAND, PIG, etc. In this volume, see also #674 PTB *pʷam WOMB / PLACENTA / BELLY / STOMACH / NEST. These are reconstructed with *pw‑ clusters in the revised version of STC (e.g. *pak = *pwak; see n. 78, pp. 23-4). I originally preferred to treat the stop component as prefixal (e.g. *p‑wak), but later abandoned this approach in favor of an “extrusional” interpretation, where the [-w-] is considered to be a mere phonetic perseveration of the preceding stop, e.g. *pʷak (see Matisoff 2000a). This extrusion is especially common before the vowel [-a-], but also, as in EGG, occasionally occurs before [-u-]. See also HPTB:61-62.

In the following sections, the reflexes of this etymon are presented separately, according to whether they derive from the variant with semivowel (*wu) or stop (*pu) initial.

51262511681998bv˩hatch, to incubatev.Na (Yongning)436.2Naxi1Michaud 06 NaLazeAM-NaLaze10
12663711681157bv³¹sit on egg, incubateNaxi (Eastern)436.2Naxi1He 85JZ-Naxi0
12949711681159bv³¹sit on egg, incubateNaxi (Western)436.2Naxi1He 85JZ-Naxi0
2200841168908bv³¹hatchNaxi (Lijiang)436.2Naxi1Sun H 91 ZMYYZMYYC786.280
41163911681843bv̩²¹hatch / incubatev.Naxi436.2Naxi1Huang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1326.450
22005911681676bv⁵⁵hatchNaxi (Yongning)436.2Naxi1Sun H 91 ZMYYZMYYC786.290

Chinese comparandum

Comment: Cf. comparandum for #1654 PTB *pu EGG.