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1.4.10 Buttocks/Rump

Note the collocation of BUTT and HEAVY for words meaning ‘lazy; sluggish’. See Jingpho maidang li ‘heavy, slow, lazy’; Lahu qhɛ̂‑qhɔ hɔ̂ ’sluggish, slow-moving; lazy’. (Note also the English expression ‘lead in your pants’, and Japanese koshi ga omoi ‘hips are heavy’.)

It is interesting to note that Padam-Mising [Abor-Miri] preserves four distinct PTB roots in four synonyms glossed ‘buttock’: ko‑dun, ko‑piang, ta‑pong, ki‑pum (roots #574 PTB *r‑t(u/i)l BUTTOCKS / HEEL / DULL / BLUNT / ROUNDED PART, #399 PTB *(p/b)laŋ HIPS / BUTTOCKS, #404 PTB *(p/b)waŋ HIPS / BUTTOCKS / TAIL / ANUS, and #163 PTB *s‑bʷa(m/p) SWELL / SWOLLEN / FAT / THICK / ROUNDED PART resp.).

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
26522Buttocks/Rump1.4.101.0purBUTTOCKS / HIPS / RECTUM2PTB0.100KEEP1stedt
333136Buttocks/Rump1.4.102.0m/b-gyu(ŋ/k)TAIL / BACKSIDE2PTB0.1reflexes: WT, Achang, Anong10KEEP1stedt
41116Buttocks/Rump1.4.103.0mu(n/ŋ)BUTTOCKS / TAIL / BACK2PTB0.1cf. 110720KEEP1stedt
333333Buttocks/Rump1.4.104.0swapBUTTOCKS / TAIL2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
40520Buttocks/Rump1.4.106.0r-kupBUTTOCKS / ANUS2PTB0.121KEEP1stedt
333713Buttocks/Rump1.4.1011.0s-miANUS / BUTTOCK2PTB0.1Attested: Magari, Mikir,Phunoi10KEEP1stedt
41828Buttocks/Rump1.4.1012.0tooBOTTOM / ANUS / BUTTOCK / END8PKC1.2PKC #18200KEEP0stedt
53143Buttocks/Rump1.4.1013.0krookBUTTOCK8PKC1.2PKC #131400KEEP0stedt
563953Buttocks/Rump1.4.103331.0duTAIL / BUTTOCKS / BACK2PTB0.1JAM10KEEP1stedt