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Caughley, Ross. 2000. Dictionary of Chepang: a Tibeto-Burman language of Nepal. Pacific Linguistics, 502. Canberra: Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. Accessed via STEDT database <> on 2024-06-25.

Abbreviations and symbols:
Note that, for verbs, combinations of abbreviations may occur. For instance, ‘vit.’ refers to a verb that may be either intransitive (vi.) or transitive (vt.).

adj. adjective
adjn. adjectival noun
adv. adverb
ant. antonym
arch. archaic
c. approximately
ch. chant word (restricted to religious language or songs)
cm. centimetre(s)
cos. cosmological
diam. diameter
esp. especially
euph. euphemism
excl. exclamation
ext. extended meaning
f. female
fn. functional (grammatical) morpheme
gen. generic
lg. large
m. metre(s)/male
med. medium
met. metaphorical
mm. millimetre(s)
myth. mythological
n. noun
nb. bound noun
nk. kinship noun
nl. locational noun
nm. numeral
nmcl. numeral classifier
nms. measure noun
nn. proper noun
nt. temporal noun
obsc. obscene
old. older
onom. onomatopoeic (phonaesthetic) adverb
part. syn. partial synonym
pn. pronoun (includes demonstratives)
semimyth. semi-mythological
sm. small
sp. specific type or kind
syn. synonym
unid. unidentified (plant or animal)
usu. usually
v. verb
va. attributive verb (referring to states rather than activities)
var. variant form of suffix, allomorph (phonetically conditioned)
vi. intransitive verb
vr. receptive (psychological state) verb
vt. transitive verb
yo. younger

B Bujheli dialect of Western Chepang
E English loan
ED Eastern dialect
FE far-Eastern dialect
H Hindi loan
IA Indo-Aryan loan
N Nepali loan
NED North-Eastern dialect of Chepang
SED South-Eastern dialect of Chepang
Sk Sanskrit loan
SWD South-Western dialect of Chepang
Tur. Turner’s Nepali dictionary
WD Western dialect

. in the vernacular indicates a syllable break (usually equivalent to a morpheme boundary)
... incomplete sentence
( ) optional morpheme
/ alternative morphemes
<A> all dialects

Languages in this source:

ISO 639-3 Language Name Short Lg Name Group num. of records Phon. Inventory
cdm Chepang Chepang 2.4 - Kham-Magar-Chepang 9286