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#1317 PTB *bwap CALF / LEG

This root is only one allofam of a complex word family, including *s‑bwam ‘plump / swollen’, set up as a separate root in STC #172. This allofamy was recognized in LTSR #92, which reconstructs PLB *m‑pwap ⪤ *C‑pwam ‘swell up / be swollen / stout / calf of leg’.

86661317175bopcalf (leg) (2)*Tibeto-Burman20.1Tibeto-Burman (previously published reconstructions)0Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT10910
51477013172012bopcalf of leg*Tibeto-Burman20.1Tibeto-Burman (previously published reconstructions)0Matisoff 03 HPTBJAM-HPTB5850
719781317182bopcalf of the leg*Tibeto-Burman20.1Tibeto-Burman (previously published reconstructions)0Benedict 72 STCSTC300
71221317975bopleg / hind leg (animal)Lushai [Mizo]701.2.2Central Chin1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT10910
1159261317978boplegLushai [Mizo]701.2.2Central Chin1Matisoff 87 BPJAM-Ety0
693861317984bopleg, hind leg of an animalLushai [Mizo]701.2.2Central Chin1Benedict 72 STCSTC300
693851317,p,1317685bop ⪤ lə◦bopcalf of the legJingpho371.7.3.1Jingpho1Benedict 72 STCSTC300
7121350,1317667¹lə¹bopcalf (leg)(2)Jingpho371.7.3.1Jingpho1Weidert 87 TBToAW-TBT10910
69387p,1317900(ă-)boplarge (as belly)Lepcha212.1.3Lepcha1Benedict 72 STCSTC300