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1.4.3 Shoulder

For the semantic relationship with KNEE, see Chapter (#436 PTB *put‑s*pit‑s KNEE).

Note also the semantic connection between SHOULDER and the adjoining NECK. #563 PTB *m/p‑lyaŋ SHOULDER is probably related to #479 PTB *g/m‑liŋ NECK.

Some words for SHOULDER are derived from roots meaning CONVEX, as WB paʼ khûm.

Note the general proliferation of etyma for SHOULDER with labial initials.

Note the striking similarity between the Lahu form làʔ‑qá‑pɨ and Qiang (Taoping) lɑ³¹ χɑ⁵⁵ pi³³, both meaning ‘shoulder’ and both tagged as #695 PTB *lak HAND/LIMB + #1278 PTB *s‑ka(ː)k FORK / BRANCH / CROTCH + #276 PTB *(p/b)i ROUNDED PART / NIPPLE / FOREHEAD / SHOULDER.

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
334442Shoulder1.4.31.0bawSHOULDER2PTB0.1Cf. several other etyma with labial initials10KEEP1stedt
334340Shoulder1.4.32.0t(w)a(ŋ/k)SHOULDER2PTB0.1KEEP 6/201200KEEP0stedt
570113Shoulder1.4.33.0ba-kCARRY / SHOULDER2PTB0.1cf. STC#026, HPTB p.24; TO BE COMBINED WITH #2144 6/201221KEEP1stedt
568110Shoulder1.4.34.0p(r)ak ⪤ r-pakSHOULDER2PTB0.1KEEP 6/201211KEEP0stedt
56374Shoulder1.4.36.0m/p-lyaŋSHOULDER2PTB0.1KEEP 6/2012 see STC p.12000KEEP1stedt
56528Shoulder1.4.37.0d(y/w)arSHOULDER2PTB0.1("KMR") KEEP 6/201220KEEP1stedt
336617Shoulder1.4.38.0raSHOULDER / ARMPIT38PNungic4("Jg/Lu") KEEP 6/201210KEEP1stedt
335054Shoulder1.4.39.0l/k-wakSHOULDER2PTB0.1KEEP 6/2012 cf. 670410KEEP1stedt
334814Shoulder1.4.311.0sanSHOULDER44PBm6.1.1("BRM") KEEP 6/201210KEEP1stedt
334710Shoulder1.4.312.0balSHOULDER2PTB0.1("HIM") KEEP 6/201210KEEP1stedt
334621Shoulder1.4.313.0k(r)waŋSHOULDER2PTB0.1("KMR") KEEP 6/201220KEEP1stedt
33455Shoulder1.4.314.0SHOULDER8PKC1.2KEEP 6/201210KEEP0stedt
339329Shoulder1.4.315.0k(w/y)anSHOULDER / CARRY ON SHOULDER2PTB0.1KEEP 6/201221KEEP1stedt
33954Shoulder1.4.316.0kiSHOULDER3NEIA1("KCN") 10KEEP1stedt
632721Shoulder1.4.33022.0gorSHOULDER5PTani1.1.1JS-HCST: 226 KEEP 6/201200KEEP0stedt
670417Shoulder1.4.33023.0(t)swakSHOULDER2PTB0.1KEEP 6/2012 cf. 335010KEEP1stedt