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1.4.2 Neck

Note the semantic connection between NECK and WAIST; the latter is the neck of the body. This is analogous to the extension of words for ‘neck’ to other thin flexible areas of the body, as in Korean son‑mok ‘wrist’ (’hand neck’) and pal‑mok ‘ankle’ (’foot neck’). There is thus probably a relationship between WT sked‑pa ~ rked‑pa ‘waist; middle’ and ske ~ skye ~ skya ‘neck, throat’.

For the semantic connection between NECK and SHOULDER, see Chapter 1.4.3.

The Karen forms, which all look something like ko, could either be from #486 PTB *l‑kwak THROAT / NECK or from #3361 PTB *gwaŋ NECK / THROAT.

Note also the similarity between the Hani forms for ‘neck’ kʰɔ³¹ lɔ⁵⁵, kʰɔ³¹ laŋ⁵⁵, kʰɯ³¹ l̥ɯ⁵⁵ and the Karen (B) form kʰo³¹ lø³¹ tʰi⁵⁵.

There is a widespread binome in LB consisting of etyma #479 PTB *g/m‑liŋ NECK + #255 PTB *tsiŋ NECK.

There is a possible semantic connection between THROAT/NECK and HEART; the first syllables of Limbu niŋ‑mā ‘throat’ and Bisu nɨŋ‑tshɨ ‘neck’ mean ‘heart’ .

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
359135Neck1.4.23.0tuk ⪤ twakHEAD / SKULL / NECK2PTB0.1STC#39221KEEP1stedt
3361123Neck1.4.24.0gwaŋNECK / THROAT2PTB0.1DL 253; ↭ *s-ŋoŋ 48331KEEP1stedt
48167Neck1.4.25.0s/m-key-kNECK2PTB0.1STC#251; m- in Gyarong20KEEP1stedt
48381Neck1.4.26.0s-ŋwa(ŋ/k)NECK / WAIST2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
48453Neck1.4.27.0bran ⪤ pwatNECK / THROAT2PTB0.1GSR 49110KEEP1stedt
336739Neck1.4.28.0k-waŋNECK3NEIA1("NAG") 10KEEP1stedt
38945Neck1.4.29.0s/r-gwa-nNECK / NAPE2PTB0.1set up by ZJH20KEEP1stedt
3936Neck1.4.210.0tsyakNAPE OF NECK2PTB0.1set up by ZJH10KEEP1stedt
33643Neck1.4.216.0syurNECK29PKir2.3Sunwar, Bahing10KEEP1stedt
127712Neck1.4.217.0grawkRAVINE / VALLEY2PTB0.1cf. HPTB p. 378; var.STC#122, Jg krūŋ, khəróʔ10KEEP1stedt
565128Neck1.4.22549.0kuNECK / THROAT2PTB0.1JAM21KEEP1stedt