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Note the semantic connection between LARYNX and KNOT or SEED., e.g. WT ʼol‑mdud ‘throat-knot’ ; WB lañ‑ceʼ ‘neck-seed’ ; Lisu tɕeɑ³⁵miʔ²¹tɔ⁵⁵si'̀a a¹ ‘monkey-knot’.

Note the similarity between the Lolopho form ɒ⁴⁴ kɤ̱⁴⁴ lɤ̱⁴⁴, the Lahu form qá‑qə̂ʔ‑lə̂ʔ, and the Lisu form bø⁴⁴ kɔ²¹ lɔ³⁵ (all ‘larynx/Adam’s apple’). There seems to be a Loloish binome here, currently tagged #486 PTB *l‑kwak THROAT / NECK + #3412 PTB *lwak LARYNX, but this could just be imitative, as in English ‘gullet’, ‘glug’.

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341212Adam's Apple/Larynx1.
33658Adam's Apple/Larynx1. / WINDPIPE / NECK2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt