47th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

Yunnan Normal University (YNNU), Kunming, Yunnan, China, 17 - 19 October 2014

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Additional Conferences

Information courtesy of Prof. David Bradley

Heritage Maintenance for Endangered Languages in Yunnan, China (4)
Yuxi Normal University, 20 - 21 October 2014

Yuxi is less than one hour south of Chenggong, the location of ICSTLL 47. Transportation will be provided from Chenggong to Yuxi for this workshop.

More information here: HMELYC4 announcement

International Workshop on the Sociolinguistics of Language Endangerment (3)
Yunnan Nationalities University, Chenggong campus, 22 - 23 October 2014

Transportation for participants from Yuxi to Chenggong and from Chenggong to Kunming airport will be provided.

More information here: SoLE-3 announcement