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Temsunungsang, T. 2009. Aspects of the prosodic phonology of Ao: An inter-dialectal study. Ph.D. Dissertation, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. Accessed via STEDT database <> on 2024-05-27.

Note: Source id’s not prefixed by ‘p.’ correspond to the Appendices. With respect to transcription, ‘c’ = /tʃ/ (with allophones [tʃ] and [ts]). Macrons (e.g. ā) mark mid tone.

Languages in this source:

ISO 639-3 Language Name Short Lg Name Group num. of records Phon. Inventory
njo Ao (Chungli) Chungli 1.3.1 - Central Naga (Ao Group) 416
njo Ao (Mongsen) Mongsen 1.3.1 - Central Naga (Ao Group) 119