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Burling, Robbins. 2003. The Language of the Modhupur Mandi (Garo). Vol. II: Lexicon, Vol. III: Glossary. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Accessed via STEDT database <> on 2024-06-18.

Abbreviations in GFN field:
aa. adverbial affix
adv. adverb
cls. classifier
cm. case marker
conj. conjunction
cp. categorizing prefix
dem. demonstrative
dns. derivational noun suffix
ec. echo word
int. interjection
lw. locative word
n. noun
ns. noun suffix
nph. noun phrase
num. number, numeral
pp. postposition
ppp. postpositional phrase
pro. pronoun
pvs. principal verb suffix
qw. question word
ts. terminal (verb) suffix
vi. intransitive verb
vph. verb phrase
vt. transitive verb

bullet (•) = glottal stop

Languages in this source:

ISO 639-3 Language Name Short Lg Name Group num. of records Phon. Inventory
grt Garo (Bangladesh) Garo - Garo 2877