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Lǐ Fànwén 李范文. 1997. 《夏漢字典》 Xià-Hàn Zìdiǎn [Tangut / Chinese Dictionary]. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press (中国社会科学出版社). Accessed via STEDT database <> on 2024-05-22.

RSC 20100516: Gloss data input by RSC. See the full Ancillary LFW1997 data for Tangut characters, Chinese glosses, etc. The full data is slated for inclusion in Unicode’s Tangut property database. The STEDT Main Lexicon subset of 5117/6000 records exported by script from “xiahan_gloss.fp7” omits records for character variants and records lacking useful glosses/reflexes. STEDT gloss data corrects/augments the LFW1997 English glosses as needed (based on the Chinese glosses). STEDT reflex data originally input by Andrew West, and collated by him against data from Guillaume Jacques “龚煌城西夏文拟音”; minimally reworked by RSC. The reflex data is as given in the Radical/Stroke index, LFW 1997:1091-1166; LFW’s 1997 reconstructions follow 龚煌城 Gong Huang-cherng, but diverge in some details; reflexes in parentheses are variants (occurring in the main body of the dictionary). LFW1997 data has not yet been collated against the newly re-typeset LFW2008 data.

Languages in this source:

ISO 639-3 Language Name Short Lg Name Group num. of records Phon. Inventory
txg Tangut [Xixia] Xixia 3.1 - Tangut 5117