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1146Body1.1.12.0guŋBODY / BACK2PTB0.1STC p.182, GSR, HPTB p.30921KEEP1stedt
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1500422021khōncowlick; circular flexure, as in the hair of animals, esp. horses regarded as a sign of temper or luck.670Jingpho371.7.3.1JingphoHansson 89 AHKPILH-PL31110.1.1Prepositions0
150046366,2018sàm-bàncue or top-knot left on the top of the head after the rest has been shaved.n670Jingpho371.7.3.1JingphoHansson 89 AHKPILH-PL58110.0Grammatical Words1