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1146Body1.1.12.0guŋBODY / BACK2PTB0.1STC p.182, GSR, HPTB p.30921KEEP1stedt
rn analysis reflex gloss gfn lgid language grpid grpno grp citation srcabbr srcid semkey chaptertitle num_notes
5372241866dźʼi̯amusk deer463Chinese (Middle)549.0.2Middle ChineseKarlgren 23 ChDcBK-AD8650
1500442021kûanʼtwo tufts of hair, like horns463Chinese (Middle)549.0.2Middle ChineseKarlgren 23 ChDcBK-AD4439.9Numbers and numeric expression0
6213445595ni̯anglady, woman, mother463Chinese (Middle)549.0.2Middle ChineseKarlgren 23 ChDcBK-AD5410