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388730(jɪ) pɛnclassifier for two booksclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0849.0810.1.3Classifiers0
391741(jɪ) əʴclassifier for birdsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0842.0810.1.3Classifiers0
390418(jɪ)ɛ tshɛmeasure of weight (=0.1 tael)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0895.089.8Measure Words0
430784(lɑn pɑ) ɑ ʂɑembroiderv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1741.080
4090242136,m(mə) tsəlight (a fire)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1268.
390775(o) jy sufingersbreadthclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0902.081.5.6Finger/Toe0
391081(o) muŋhectare, 1 / 15 ofclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0908.0810.1.1Prepositions0
390161(o) pouparcel / sack (of things)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0890.085.11Artifacts (unclassified as yet)0
392413(o) qutime / instance (of biting)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0922.089.1.5Other Intervals0
388268(o) ruclassifier for broomsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0846.0810.1.3Classifiers0
389799(o) rubundle / sheafclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0877.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
390368(o) rutael (=50 grams)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0894.089.8Measure Words0
391073(o) tɕoːten centsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0907.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
390875(o) ɹguteam (of oxen)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0904.0810.1.1Prepositions0
390468(o) ʁuunit of dry measure for grain (=1 decaliter)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0896.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
388984(o) ʐguclassifier for flowersclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0861.0810.1.3Classifiers0
382496(qhɑʴs) ʁɑ tɑon (the wall)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0728.0810.1.1Prepositions0
423098(stsɛm) dəmarry (a woman)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1578.086.19Social action0
430584(sɛ kuɛ) dɛ wu̥diarrhea, havev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1737.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
432922(tsə) tʂɛgo up (water level) / risev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1787.086.7.2Outward0
409983(tsə) ʑdʑəcross (a river)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1289.086.7.10Move with something else0
389340(ɛ) dzuɛsection (of road / journey)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0868.
391234(ɛ) jinight's (work)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0911.089.1.4Times of Day0
3874033540,2258(ɛ) khɛʴhundrednum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0824.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
3874553540,2258,m,m(ɛ) khɛʴ ȵɑ tʃɛone hundred and onenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0825.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
387664(ɛ) khɛʴ ʁuɑnmillionnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0829.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
389493(ɛ) khʂɛclassifier for one of a pairclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0871.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
388679(ɛ) kuɛbucket (of water)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0856.085.1Waste products0
389747(ɛ) kuɛload (of firewood) on the backclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0876.0810.1.1Prepositions0
391894(ɛ) kɛbowl (of tobacco)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0881.085.1Waste products0
390214(ɛ) phinbottle (of wine)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0891.085.1Waste products0
391588(ɛ) piɛsheet (of paper)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0839.
391019(ɛ) piɛyuan (Chinese money)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0906.084.6Ethnonyms/Place names0
388824(ɛ) pɛbowl (of cooked rice)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0857.085.1Waste products0
389595(ɛ) pɛnbolt (of cloth)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0873.085.11.9Dwellings0
389237(ɛ) tuɛpair (of rabbits)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0866.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
391944(ɛ) tuɛjteam / line (of people (&animals))clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0882.084.5Other Collective terms0
389136(ɛ) tɕhiclassifier for garmentsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0864.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388833m,5671(ɛ) tʂhɛpatch (of ground / field)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0858.085.1Waste products0
392306(ɛ) xiɛtime / instance (of hitting)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0920.089.1.5Other Intervals0
388934(ɛ) xyɛclassifier for leavesclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0860.0810.1.3Classifiers0
390620(ɛ) zɛfathomclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0899.089.8Measure Words0
389851(ɛ) ɕpiɛload of cupped-handsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0878. action verbs0
390570(ɛ) ɕpiɛ lɪ̥mile (=0.5 kilometer)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0898.089.8Measure Words0
391842(ɛ) ʂkɛload on an animal's backclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0880. action verbs0
390520(ɛ) ʂɛliterclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0897.080
391436(ɛ) ʂɛlifetimeclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0915.
392204(ɛ) ʑɛmealclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0918.085.5Cooking Implements0
388072(ɑ) lɑclassifier for riverclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0837.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388427p,3582(ɑ) lɑclassifier for bridgesclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0851.0810.1.3Classifiers0
389903(ɑ) pclassifier for age of animalsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0879.0810.1.3Classifiers0
391336(ɑ) pyear's (work)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0913.089.1.2Months and Years0
391386(ɑ) pclassifier for ageclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0914.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388225(ɑ) pɑclassifier for broomsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0846.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388276(ɑ) pɑclassifier for knivesclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0847.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388478(ɑ) pɑbunch / bundle (of vegetable)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0852.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
387816(ɑ) pɑnhalfnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0832.089.8Measure Words0
392670(ɑ) pɑndouble / twiceclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0927.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
390511(ɑ) quɑtunit of dry measure for grain (=1 decaliter)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0896.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
390110(ɑ) qɑclassifier for roomsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0889.0810.1.3Classifiers0
391791(ɑ) rɑclassifier for sticksclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0843.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388122(ɑ) rɑblade (of grass)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0844.
388578(ɑ) rɑclassifier for pensclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0854.0810.1.3Classifiers0
389084(ɑ) rɑclassifier for songsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0863.0810.1.3Classifiers0
389443p,85(ɑ) sday's (journey)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0870.
391182p,85(ɑ) sday's (work)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0910.
391030(ɑ) spiɛten centsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0907.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
387505p,2703(ɑ) stu̥thousandnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0826.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
387715p,2703,b(ɑ) stu̥ ʁuɑnten millionnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0830.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
389034(ɑ) sɑsentence (of speech)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0862.0810.5.1Structuring Words0
390008(ɑ) sɑstory (of building)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0887.085.8Religion0
389392(ɑ) sɑχsection (of bamboo between two joints)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0869.
390926(ɑ) tshuəninchclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0905.080
390724(ɑ) tu̥span (thumb to middle finger)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0901.
388326(ɑ) tɑclassifier for treesclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0848.0810.1.3Classifiers0
392150(ɑ) tɑutime / instance (of going somewhere)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0917.089.1.5Other Intervals0
390316(ɑ) tɕmeasure of weight (=1 / 2 kilogram)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0893.089.8Measure Words0
389545(ɑ) tɕyɑnroll (of cloth)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0872.086.7.6Circularly0
387970(ɑ) tʂclassifier for peopleclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0835.0810.1.3Classifiers0
391538(ɑ) tʂclassifier for ropeclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0838.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388173(ɑ) tʂgrain (of rice)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0845. ground and milled food0
392099(ɑ) tʂdrop (of oil)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0885.086.16Holding0
392090(ɑ) tʂhuɑnstring (of beads)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0884.085.1Waste products0
388528(ɑ) tʂuɑhandful (of rice)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0853.089.8Measure Words0
392361(ɑ) tʂu̥time / instance (of kicking)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0921.089.1.5Other Intervals0
388780(ɑ) tʂɑbowl (of cooked rice)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0857.085.1Waste products0
388628(ɑ) wu̥pile (of excrement)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0855. action verbs0
390266(ɑ) wu̥puddle (of mud)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0892.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
389287(ɑ) wɹuflock (of sheep)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0867. birds0
388021(ɑ) əɹclassifier for bowlsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0836.0810.1.3Classifiers0
391691(ɑ) əʴclassifier for eggsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0841.0810.1.3Classifiers0
388216(ɑ) əʴgrain (of rice)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0845. ground and milled food0
388883(ɑ) əʴclassifier for rocks, stonesclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0859.083.2.9Rocks and minerals0
391285(ɑ) ɕmonth's (work)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0912.089.1.2Months and Years0
390059(ɑ) ɸəŋclassifier for lettersclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0888.0810.1.3Classifiers0
389646(ɑ) ɸɑŋsquare (area unit for selling cloth)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0874.089.7.1Shape and size0
391486(ɑ) ʁuɑstep / strideclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0916.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
387557(ɑ) ʁuɑnten thousandnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0827.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
390976(ɑ) ʁuɑnyuan (Chinese money)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0906.084.6Ethnonyms/Place names0
387765(ɑ) ʁuɑn ʁuɑnbillionnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0831.080
390672(ɑ) ʂfoot (=1 / 3 meter)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0900.081.5.2Foot0
392255(ɑ) ʂshoutclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0919.
389696(ɑ) ʐgu̥basketful (of vegetable)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0875.0810.1.1Prepositions0
389955(ɑ) ʐu̥classifier for flagsclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0886.0810.1.3Classifiers0
389187(ɑ) ʑypair (of shoes)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0865.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
392047(ɑ) χstring (of beads)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0884.085.1Waste products0
388377(ɑ) χtʂline (of wheat)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0850.089.7.1Shape and size0
391996(ɑ) χtʂrow (of houses)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0883. action verbs0
4093815673,m(ʁzə) χtʂɛfishv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1276.082.2.5Fish and Mollusks0
429638axblind, be (congenitally)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1715.
403772570biɛcarry (a child) on the back)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1151.
398093biɑ qɑthick (porridge)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1030.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
371247buplank / boardn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0512.085.1Waste products0
4196371409budeaf, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1504.
368626bu suəlthreadn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0461.085.11.6Textile0
370216bu tshɑmat (grass, straw)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0491.
347330bu ɹu̥mudn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0046.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
397903buʐ bɪ tsɛpoor (land)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1027. Human Qualities0
3637762187beeNanim1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0367.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
402095bə bɑclumsy / awkward1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1113. Human Qualities0
397852bə ʁɛjthin1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1026.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
363352bə ʂqɑflyNanim1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0358.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
400061bə χtʂɛstinking / smelly1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1070.
400510bə χtʂɛfishy-smelling1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1079.082.2.5Fish and Mollusks0
400756bə χɑpoor1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1084. Human Qualities0
434435bəldo / makev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1820. do/act0
363416bəm qɑ zɑmosquiton1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0360.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
4369422623,m,2623,mbəs(1); bɹɛ gɛ (2)snaken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0347.
421130bətɕ pəcrawl (of people)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1536.086.7.9Manner is primary0
351007bəəʴtesticlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0117.080
3630552178,mbə◦linsect / wormn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0353.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
394752wide (in diameter) / coarseadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0966.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
397748bɛdfat1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1024.081.6.4Fat/Be Fat0
368678bɛːclothn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0462.085.1Waste products0
399065used / old1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1051.
346969bɑ gze χɑflatland (grassland)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0039.089.10.4Farm/Agricultural places0
397391bɑ stɑslow1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1017. Qualities0
399180bɑ χɑbad (things)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1053. Qualities0
356230bɑːfathern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0218.084.7.1Previous generation0
3527981102urinenbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0152.081.8.4Urine/Piss0
433312bɪ bɛfight / vie forv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1796.086.5Fighting0
394807bɪ tsɛthin (in diameter) / fine / tinyadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0967.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
395658bɪ tsɛshallowadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0983. - high/low0
395548bɪ tsᴇthinadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0981.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
4239371102,mbɪ ɕɛpiss / peev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1596.081.8.4Urine/Piss0
363308bɪj χɑflyNanim1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0358.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
394644bɹɛbig / largeadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0964.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
401708bɹɛ dzuarrogant / conceited1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1105. Human Qualities0
3841322623,mbɹɛ gɛyear of the snaken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0760.089.1.2Months and Years0
394862bɹɪhigh / talladj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0968. - high/low0
433133datɕfound / locatedv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1792.080
398763do dʑuright / correct1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1045.
417115do qustartled, be / shy (of animals)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1450.
413461do qus wɛafraid, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1366.087.1.1Emotive0
429878do quʐ pəfrighten / scarev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1721.
401269do ʂquhard / laborious1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1095.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
418953do χluleave sthg. behindv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1490.086.10.2Intentional loss - Abandon0
428689m,2425do χludislocate (a joint)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1696.086.9Undoing0
369143du qupants / trousersn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0471. body0
377518du ʁuchoppern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0633.086.9.3Chop, slice0
3779292202duəpoison / toxinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0641.086.4Harm0
350140duɑ kɛthighn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0100.
379383du◦əx minghost / spiritn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0669. things0
380170dzu guʴgift / presentn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0684.085.8Religion0
437042m,2148dzu piɛfrogn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0349.
4343853591dzuəsit downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1819.
420709dzuɛgrind (flour)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1527.089.5Change of state0
4324556697,mdzuɑ ʁzuchisel / bore (a hole)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1777.
366141dzuɑ ʁɑbuckwheatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0413.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
377414dzuɑʁlmillstonesn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0631.080
3972332415dzəheavy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1014.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
400373dzəsalty1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1076.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
40589436dzəeat1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1198.
398336dzə dzɑsticky / glutinous1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1036.
427229dzə dʐuəput on (another layer of clothv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1665.086.17Putting0
374419dzə ku̥moneyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0573.085.9Monetary Terms0
366251dzə pəsawn of wheatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0415.083.1.8Other wild plants0
431070dzə qhɛʴgrind / pestle (medicine)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1747.089.5Change of state0
413690dzə tʂhɛclose (a book)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1372.
40264636,mdzə ɕpiɛlike (to eat)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1127.
405155dzə ɕtɕuχ jugluttonous1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1181. names0
425548dzə ʐəreceivev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1630.086.21Acquisitions0
420809dzə ʐɑtaken hold of, have / gottenv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1529.086.21Acquisitions0
413867dzə χui thɑregretv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1376.
423252dzəm mɑhealed, have (of a wound)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1581.
428925dzəq quəʴbendv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1701.089.5Change of state0
4249765442,mdzər quɑrustv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1618.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
366090dzəχbarley (highland)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0412.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
368466m,2585,mdzəχ pɑ χɑchaff / bran (highland barley)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0457.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
401919dzɛstingy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1110. Human Qualities0
415564dzɛscissorv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1416.
365938dzɛ gzɛrice (unhusked)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0409.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
373163dzɛ tʃuɛknifen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0549.085.5Cooking Implements0
377569dzɛ tʃuɛ ɹu qu ʂu̥sheath / scabbardn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0634.085.14Husbandry0
413725dzɛ ɕtɕɛclose (a book)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1372.
425592dzɛ ɕtɕɛclose (an umbrella)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1631.
420854dzɛ ɸɛʴscratch (an itch)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1530.
425624dzɛdʐ dʐɛclose (an umbrella)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1631.
383623dzɛjnoonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0750.089.1.4Times of Day0
374212dzɛj dzɛpiece of cloth with straps for carrying a toddlern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0569.0810.1.1Prepositions0
430441dzɛj wɛcareful, be / cautiousv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1734.
370072dzɛncloth (Tibetan, woollen)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0489.085.1Waste products0
3478565442,mdzɛr quɑrustn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0056.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
432727dzɑstick down (an envelope)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1783.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
434005dzɑchase afterv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1811.086.7.10Move with something else0
412492dzɑ kəfollowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1346.086.7.10Move with something else0
369401dzɪj dzɛbelt / girdlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0476. body0
367171pean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0433.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
431706welcome, bid s.b. / greetv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1761.088.5.11Formulaic0
363519dəəʴcentipeden1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0362.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
408387wear (a bracelet)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1254. action verbs0
417692dɛ bɛblossom (of flowers)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1463.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
410028dɛ bɹɛsnap (thread)vi1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1290.089.3Sounds0
422067dɛ bɹɛbecome worn through (clothing)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1556.089.5Change of state0
421372dɛ gɛʴline upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1541.089.7.1Shape and size0
406628dɛ jyɛpuncture (sthg.)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1214.0810.5.2Grammatical functions0
406986dɛ jyɛpierce through1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1222.086.9.2Carve, shave0
406667dɛ jyɛʐpunch a hole / perforate1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1215.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
414295dɛ jɛreturn (come back)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1385. action verbs0
423478dɛ khʂɛmake way for / give wayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1586.089.2.8Directions0
396582dɛ piɛhorizontal1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1001. - front/back/side-side0
405666dɛ piɛdone, be / accomplished1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1192. do/act0
403821dɛ pɛspout / burst forth1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1152.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
399810dɛ slɛwarm1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1065.
398811dɛ tshɛwrong1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1046. Qualities0
407156dɛ tshɛwrong, be1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1226. Qualities0
429126dɛ tshɛnviolate / breachv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1705.088.2Abstract verbs0
424703dɛ wu dɛ wɛshot, have (the target)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1612.0810.0Grammatical Words0
409071dɛ wu̥burnv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1269. pertaining to fire0
416633dɛ wu̥bear (fruit)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1439.082.2.3Ursine0
396340dɛ wɛhit sthg on the targetv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0998.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
407440dɛ wɛhit, have (the target)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1232.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
404469dɛ wɹɛguessed right, have1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1166.
425342dɛ xiɛrelease / set freev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1626.086.10.1Unintentional loss - Misplace0
429837dɛ ɕɛfall (rain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1719.
422198dɛ ʁɛʴbroken, be (bowls)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1559. - form0
426669dɛ ʁɛʴbreak to pieces (grain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1653.089.5Change of state0
426567m,27dɛ ʂɛdiev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1651.081.1.6Die/Deathly0
400997m,27,mdɛ ʂɛ jidead1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1089.081.1.6Die/Deathly0
431574dɛ χlɛoverflow / spillv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1758.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
420484dɛj miɛdie out (of fire)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1522.081.1.6Die/Deathly0
403503dɛʴ qɛpeel off (paint)vt1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1145.
423293dɛʴ ʁɛchip (the rim)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1582.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
401544dʒə tsɛhonest / well-behaved1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1101.
357133dʒɪnephew <brother's son>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0234.084.7.3Later generation0
419455dɑ dʐɑsplit open / rendv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1500.086.9.3Chop, slice0
422152dɑ dʐɑdamaged, be (house) / cave inv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1558.086.4Harm0
411239dɑ lɑflyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1318.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
396384dɑ qhuɑslanting / leaningadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0999. - form0
396426dɑ qhuɑaskew / awry / slantingadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1000. - front/back/side-side0
404930dɑ qhuɑfall down (a house) / collapse1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1176.
408792dɑ tsɑget / acquirev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1263.081.1.5Strength0
407650dɑ tuɑoverthrow / down withv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1237.0810.1.1Prepositions0
408520dɑ tuɑfall down (a wall) / topplev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1257.
408569dɑ tuɑʐtopple / tear down (a wall)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1258.086.7.3Awkwardly, Irregularly, Abruptly0
403153dɑ ɬu̥ə̥move (house)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1138.086.7.11Movement (general)0
410124dɑ ʁliəbreak / snap (stick)itr.v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1292.089.5Change of state0
397496dɑ ʁlɑlate1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1019.089.1.1Adverbial uses0
428549dɑ ʁuʴslough off (of a snake)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1693.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
423739dɑ ʁu̥ə̥ʴthrow / toss (towards speaker)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1591.086.12Throwing0
422115m,2549dɑ ʂpusplit up (bamboo pole)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1557.086.9.3Chop, slice0
423515dɑ ʐɑŋ thɑmake way for / give wayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1586.089.2.8Directions0
433268dɑ χtuɑshake / quakev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1795.086.7.9Manner is primary0
398476dɑ χɑslippery (road)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1039.
399440dɑpold / elderly1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1058. term0
419150dɑpold, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1493. term0
424804dɑrextend / elongatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1614.089.5Change of state0
405709dɑsaccomplish / succeed1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1193.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
414798dɑsget / gainv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1398.081.1.5Strength0
428968dɑsfinish / be overv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1702.089.5Change of state0
419779dɑʂs.b.'s turnbe v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1507.
429076m,1860dɑː◦ʴmforgetv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1704.
405068dɪ dɛwind (thread onto a keel)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1179.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
421316dɪ dɛclimb up (a tree)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1539.086.7.7Up, etc.0
355970dʐuguestn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0213.084.4.3Outsiders0
402693dʐuinstall1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1128.080
424170dʐu dʐusweepv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1601.
376270dʐu ɣliɛdrill / augern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0609.086.11Digging, excavation0
401880dʐu χupolite / courteous1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1109.086.19Social action0
413371dʐu χushy, be / bashfulv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1365.089.6.3Neutral0
384486dʐuəanimals (twelve) representing the twelve yearsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0767.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
382910dʐuə lolower half of the bodyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0736.080
382860dʐuə χoupper half of the bodyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0735.089.2.1Up0
422722dʐuɪ dʐuɛrob / lootv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1570. action verbs0
372957dʐəwok (large, iron) / pann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0545.085.5Cooking Implements0
3950811011dʐəlongadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0972.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
412037dʐə bəlwork / laborv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1336.086.1.1Affect0
383166dʐə dʐəsthree days agoadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0741.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
373010dʐə ʂu̥wok (frying)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0546.085.5Cooking Implements0
385159dʐəpyear before lastn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0780.089.1.2Months and Years0
349726dʐəw tsə qəlarmpitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0092.
382114dʐəʐboundary line / demarcation linen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0721.089.7.1Shape and size0
376781dʐəʴ wu̥rope / stringn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0619.085.11.4Rope0
383114m,85dʐə◦sday before yesterdayn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0740.
411805dʐɛput (soil) onv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1331.086.17Putting0
424516dʐɛ dʐɛ pəconsult / discussv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1608. an object0
375853dʐɛ piɛ dʐəəʴ wu̥string (oxhide)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0601.085.1Waste products0
376722dʐɛ sɛhoe (small)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0617.085.3Diseases0
359710dʐɛ wɛʴdonkeyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0282.082.1.7Equine0
397446dʐɑ dʐəearly1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1018.089.1.1Adverbial uses0
4304821108,mdʐɑ ɕtɕəlaugh / smilev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1735.
3786031108,mdʐɑ ɕɛsjoke / jestn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0654.088.5.9Jest0
410698dʐɪ dʐɛfever, havev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1305.
427084dʐɪ dʐɛscald / burn (the hand)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1662.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
347739dʐɪ ɕɪcopper (red; pure copper)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0053.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
350295335,mdʑu qufootnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0103.081.5.2Foot0
350243dʑu qu sɑχcalfnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0102.081.5.7Leg0
383316dʑu suthree days from nowadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0744.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
371352dʑuədoorn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0514. of the structure0
406479dʑyəwear (a garment)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1211. action verbs0
411855dʑyəpull (a quilt) over oneselfv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1332.
402737dʑəpress (with palm or finger)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1129.089.5Change of state0
349517dʑəəʴchinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0088.
426120dʑəχ ɑ qɑfall / tumble downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1642.
34571959,mdʑə◦χdewn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0015.080
413223dʑɛcelebrate (the New Year)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1362.
4264565382dʑɛspeakv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1649., say0
385931m,6178dʑɛ khsəNew Year's Dayn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0795.
406023dʑɛ tɛpestle / poundv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1201.085.5Cooking Implements0
406890dʑɛ tɛbeat / thump1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1220.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
385260dʑɛpyear after nextn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0782.089.1.2Months and Years0
356907giuyounger sister (address by o. brother)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0229.080
351110gurplacentan1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0119.080
356020gurpal / partnern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0214.080
376934guə ʂqɑbasket carried on the backn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0622.085.1Waste products0
376977guəʴbasket carried on the backn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0622.085.1Waste products0
381958guɛedge / rim / marginn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0718.089.2.7Extent0
428834guɛɹcut / gouge outv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1699.086.9.3Chop, slice0
354203guɛʴsoldiern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0179.084.2.6Military roles0
412312guɛʴmow / cut (grass)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1342.086.9.4Mince, shred0
395235m,2496guɛʴ ȵɛnearadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0975.089.2.3Sideways0
395184622,mguɛʴ χɑfar / distantadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0974.089.2.4Apart0
3607352346,2346guʴ gu̥ʴdoven1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0302. birds0
397284guʴ tsɛlight (weight)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1015.
346916guːʴroadn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0038.089.10.1Roads and Ways0
355239gzəofficial (government)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0199.085.8Religion0
400321gzəhot / spicy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1075.080
418905gzəpepperyadj.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1489.080
4200365686gzənumb, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1513.081.5.11Numb/Paralyzed0
360529731,sgzɪj pɑwingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0298.
402395gə gəaffectionate / intimate1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1121.
351679535gəʴtendon / sinewn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0130.
425680gəʴ gəʴguard / defendv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1633. action verbs0
375195gɑn tsəsaddlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0588.085.14Husbandry0
421276gɪ gɛclimb up (a tree)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1539.086.7.7Up, etc.0
398143gɹuə ʂu̥watery / thin (porridge)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1031.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
3871002409,mgʐu sufortynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0818.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
362531gʐəbatNanim1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0337. birds0
3861872409gʐəfournum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0800.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
412439gʐəgivev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1345.086.23Giving0
414528gʐəknow (to write)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1392., Believe0
415759gʐəturn / hand over / consignv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1420.086.7.6Circularly0
427182gʐə sɛbeg (for food)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1664. with purpose of convincing0
382010gʐə wu̥surroundingsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0719.080
3959452409,mgʐə ɣru̥square / rectangular (lit. 'four corners')adj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0989.089.7.1Shape and size0
367590gʐɛmgruel / porridgen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0441.085.5Cooking Implements0
386494ho dʑutennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0806.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
387611ho dʑu ʁuɑnone hundred thousandnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0828.089.9Numbers and numeric expression2
406344m,3569ho liucome out (future)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1208.086.7.1Inward0
421687ho tɕuwear / bearv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1548. action verbs0
433653ho tɕuuse or lean on (a walking sticv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1803.
386745ho ŋuəfifteennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0811.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
425165ho ʐguleft over, be / remainv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1622.
386896hɛ khɛʴeighteennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0814.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
422823hɛ qhɛraise (the tail)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1572.086.7.7Up, etc.0
428452hɛ quɛback up / retreatv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1691.081.4.8Back0
414422hɛ quɛʐ guəanswer / replyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1389.088.5.6Answer0
386645hɛ sɛthirteennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0809.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
428417hɛ thuɛ thɑrefuse by making excusesv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1690.088.5.6Answer0
386545hɛ tʃɛelevennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0807.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
432272hɛ ɕɛpermit / allowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1773.086.19Social action0
419059hɛ χtʂɛdrag for / dredge upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1492.086.7.10Move with something else0
423009hɛwdrive out / expelv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1576.086.7.10Move with something else0
406384m,3569hɑ lɑcome out (past)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1208.086.7.1Inward0
410461hɑ lɑoccur / happenv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1299.088.2Abstract verbs0
406282hɑ qɑgo out (past)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1206.086.7.2Outward0
423195hɑ qɑgo / leave (past)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1579.086.7.2Outward0
413519hɑ sɑyell / shoutv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1368.
386795hɑ tʂhuəsixteennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0812.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
413470hɑ əʴask s.b. to come here / fetchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1367.
410852hɑ ɣli̥turn inside out (clothing) or the reversev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1309.086.7.6Circularly0
386595m,2504hɑ ȵətwelvenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0808.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
386845hɑ ɕtɕəseventeennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0813.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
416767hɑ ʂkuəborrow (money)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1442.086.22Exchanges0
386946hɑ ʐguənineteennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0815.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
386695hɑ ʐəfourteennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0810.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
414342hɑrturn one's head to the backv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1387.086.7.6Circularly0
406239hɑʁgo out (future)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1206.086.7.2Outward0
423194hɑʁgo / leave (future)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1579.086.7.2Outward0
369971696,mji dɛbraceletn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0487. and Accessories0
414214ji jɛwave / wieldv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1384.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
376990ji miɛfertilizer / manuren1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0623.081.9Reproductive System0
380744ji mɛ gɛʴmark / trace / trackn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0695. an object0
394532ji tɕhɛall / everythingnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0962.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
397950ji tɕyɛdry1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1028.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
411904ji tɕyɛdry, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1333.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
362745jin kəəʴparrotn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0341. birds0
368991jiː liŋcollarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0468.
4115142627,2627jrj jɪsew (up)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1324.085.1Waste products0
405750jufill (a bowl with rice)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1194.086.11Digging, excavation0
433952juput into a container / packv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1810.086.17Putting0
411289ju judivide / share (things)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1319.086.10.4Intentional separation - Sort0
361463ju khʂumuskn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0316.
346343ju purockn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0027.083.2.9Rocks and minerals0
346292ju pu ɬɑː ɬɑcliffn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0026.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
369041ju qusleeven1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0469. of clothing0
350597696,m,mju su χu̥fingern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0109.081.5.6Finger/Toe0
346447ju ʐucave / holen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0029.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
3810595574,mjuŋ thɑsusen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0701.
386996jy sutwentynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0816.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
384644jy tɕuday (second of lunar month)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0770.
379644jyn tɕhufortune / luckn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0674.088.1Abstract Entities0
395990jyɑn pu luŋcircle / circular1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0990.089.7.1Shape and size0
376882grip / handlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0621.086.16Holding0
377725arrown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0637.085.15War and violence0
412086tellv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1337.081.8.7Speak/Say/Tell0
397041jə lɑblue1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1010.089.4Colors0
350649jə miɛχthumbn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0110. Toe0
350496696,sjə pɑhandnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0107.
350396Rjə pɑ sɑχarmnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0105.
406708jə pɑχ lɛs ŋuəhand down (to posterity)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1216.
349776288,310jə qhuɑchestn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0093.
369921696,mjə xə̥ʴringn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0486. and Accessories0
350700696,m,mjə xə̥ʴ dɛsfinger (middle)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0111.081.5.6Finger/Toe0
400699jəprich1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1083.085.9Monetary Terms0
361716jɛ tɕyɛsquirreln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0321.082.1.1Rodents0
367899jɑ mɑbuttern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0447.
3606335718jɑsduckn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0300.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
379436jɑu tɕhɛspirit (evil) / demonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0670. Beings0
366812jɑŋ jɛpotaton1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0426.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
381110jɑŋ səcolorn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0702.089.4Colors0
372187jɑŋ tɕænsoapn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0530.
372650jɑŋ χoːmatchn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0539. pertaining to fire0
348064jɑŋ χusulphurn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0060.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
386085twonum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0798.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
431285jɪ jɛshake (one's head)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1752.086.7.9Manner is primary0
366301jɪ mæəʴmaize / cornn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0416.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
368318bjɪncigarette / tobaccon1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0455.085.8Religion0
384799jɪɕFebruaryn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0773.089.1.2Months and Years0
347021khiɑsoil / earthn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0040.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
404043khliɛweave (a basket)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1157.085.1Waste products0
422478khliɛbuild by laying bricks, stones, etc.v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1565.086.14Construction0
403993367,2018khliɛ piɛplaitv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1156.
376363khoʴɣzfile (tool)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0610.086.9.2Carve, shave0
3870492666khsu suthirtynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0817.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
3861362666khsəthreenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0799.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
3990156178khsənew1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1050. Qualities0
4009562651khsəfresh1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1088. Qualities0
348527khsə tɕɪtemplenrel1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0069.
358488m,1618khsɛ miɛcattle (bull-yak crossbreed, female)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0258.082.1.2Bovine0
382273khsɪiz tɑlower part of / lower reachesn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0723.080
346500khsɪsrivern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0030.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
382227khsɪzlower part of / lower reaches (downstream)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0723.080
3600661764khuədogn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0289.082.1.11Canine0
3843851764khuəyear of the dogn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0765.089.1.2Months and Years0
3601161764,mkhuə dʑɛhoundn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0290.082.1.11Canine0
421175khuə sɛj pəcrawl (of people)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1536.086.7.9Manner is primary0
354670khuə ɕɛ kəmhuntern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0188. action verbs0
351473khuəɹ wu̥measlesn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0126.085.3Diseases0
3484771764,mkhuɛ tɕɪprisonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0068. of dwellings0
396260khuɛjright / obverse siden1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0996.
381746khuɛj tɑoutside (proximal)n/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0714.089.2.7Extent0
353206khuɛʴdirt / filthn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0160.
4127531461khuɛʴshave (hairs) / scrapev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1352.086.9.2Carve, shave0
427375khuɛʴshave (the head)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1668.086.9.2Carve, shave0
425725khuɛʴ xə̥ʴcombv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1634.
371403khuɛʴ ʂuɛthresholdn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0515. of the structure0
395391khuɑn thɑspacious / commodiousadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0978.089.2.7Extent0
425118khuɪ khuɛangry, be / take offensev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1621.
3873032259,mkhuɹ sueightynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0822.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
417737khæi thɑstart / drive (a car)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1464.089.5Change of state0
418520khəŋ kəagree / consentv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1480.
352292khəɹn khəʴAdam's applen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0142.'s Apple/Larynx0
398432khəʴrough / coarse1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1038.
417861khəʴchop down (trees)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1467.086.9.3Chop, slice0
418438khɛ khɛ χuɑ thɑcarve / engravev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1479.086.9.2Carve, shave0
350750khɛ tʃuɛfinger (little)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0112.081.5.6Finger/Toe0
3863922259khɛʴeightnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0804.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
404661khɛʴscratch (an itch against sthg.)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1170.
410569khɛʴswear / vowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1302.088.5.1Scold0
417307khɛʴsawv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1454.
420609khɛʴstroke / touchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1525.088.4Feeling0
355396khɛʴpblind personn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0202.
395710khɛʴpfulladj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0984.
396679khɑpstraight1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1003. - form0
418250khɑu thɑrely / depend onv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1475.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
431528khɑu thɑrely / lean onv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1757.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
361412khʂudeer (river)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0315.082.2.2Cervidae0
411988khʂudarev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1335.080
427998khʂu ɕtɕulistenv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1681.
401140khʂuəɕ nɑpleasant to the ears1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1092.
358440khʂɛcattle (bull-yak crossbreed, male)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0258.082.1.2Bovine0
413822khʂɛ ʑdʑɛcoax / foolv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1375.
363929khʂɑn piɛbutterflyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0370.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
367324khʂɑpgrass (long-stemmed)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0436.083.1.8Other wild plants0
422022khʂɪ khʂɛsplit up (bamboo strips)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1555.086.9.3Chop, slice0
425497kuharvest / reapv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1629.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
423206ku khʂurecover, fully (from an illness)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1580.
380956m,126ku mudreamn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0699.
364226ku purootnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0375.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
433178ku qhuʴsting (of wasps)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1793.082.4.2Sting0
420988ku rɛtwist (a towel)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1533.086.7.6Circularly0
429454ku tsuaccustomed to, be / habit of, hav.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1712.0810.1.1Prepositions0
353364ku tʃɛlifen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0163.
353417ku tʃɛlife spann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0164.
414889m,5773ku tɕhugather ( of water) / build upitr.v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1400.086.13.5Join (general)0
418053ku tɕuseev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1471.
423243ku xʂu̥recover, fully (from an illness)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1580.
357677ku ȵɑ tsərelativesn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0244.080
366504ku ʂu̥vegetablen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0420.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
434490m,126ku ʐmudreamv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1821.
364969kumcane / vinen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0390. clothes and equipment0
413025kuɑn thɑmanage / controlv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1358.088.2Abstract verbs0
358052kuɑː muːtsəwidown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0251.084.2.8Marital roles0
420140kuɪ lɛburyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1515.086.11Digging, excavation0
362378kuʴ kuʴgoose (wild)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0334.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
356669kuːelder brothern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0226.084.7.1Previous generation0
404142kæi thɑalter1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1159.089.5Change of state0
392882youpron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0931.084.1Pronouns0
423150go / leavev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1579.086.7.2Outward0
402583kə dzɑnear / close to1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1125.089.2.3Sideways0
409525kə dzɑbite (mosquito)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1279. in Mouth0
414253kə qɑreturn (go back)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1385. action verbs0
432545kə qɑpricked, be (on a thorn)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1779.088.4Feeling0
434242kə qɑbore / drill (a hole)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1816.086.11Digging, excavation0
414306kə qɑʐ pəreturn, cause tov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1386. action verbs0
433505kə su̥point at / to / outv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1800. an object0
398522kə sətense / tight / taut1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1040.086.13.1Tying0
381476kə tasiden1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0709.081.4.5Sides0
369134kə tɑbuttonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0470. of clothing0
412900kə tɕəhung, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1355.0810.4.1.1Grammatical case0
402549kə ʂpɛnear / close to1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1125.089.2.3Sideways0
405944kə ʂəcharge / sprint (in the front)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1199.086.7.9Manner is primary0
415521kə χtʂɑreducev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1415.080
428096kə χə̥ʴstop / ceasev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1683.086.7.11Movement (general)0
428047kəmhearv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1682.
4217786705kətcollide / run intov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1550.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
357720kəȵrelativesn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0244.080
416988kəʁenter (a house)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1447.086.7.1Inward0
397895kəʴn kɑʴχthin1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1026.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
364183rootnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0375.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
392987kɛ liɛyou (pl.)pron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0933.084.1Pronouns0
408740kɛ pɛarrivev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1262.086.7.1Inward0
429261kɛ rɛask / questionv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1708.
404976kɛ tsɛsupport s.b. with one's hand1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1177.
417779kɛ tsɛstart / beginv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1465.089.5Change of state0
434096kɛ tsɛcatch / capturev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1813.086.21Acquisitions0
359660m,6087kɛ tʃɛmulen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0281.082.1.7Equine0
414963kɛ tɕɛgather / assemblev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1402.086.13.5Join (general)0
432774kɛ tɕɛstandv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1784.081.5.2Foot0
433099kɛ tɕɛcall together / convenev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1791.088.5.13Beckon0
415005kɛ tɕɛʐ pəassemble / muster (a team)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1403.086.19Social action0
395895kɛ tɕɪfew / littleadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0988.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
402775kɛ tʂhɛpress (with palm or finger) (a bell)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1129.089.5Change of state0
403859kɛ xiɛforce / compel1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1153. action verbs0
400806kɛn tsɛclean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1085. (v.i./v.t.)0
347848kɛstinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0055.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
430148kɛɹ wɛ tɕərecall / rememberv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1727.
414381kɛʴ wɛʴ dʑɛrecall / recollectv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1388.
354767kɛʴpɑmonkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0189.080
365431kɑn tʃɛsugarcanen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0399.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
358103kɑporphann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0252.084.3People0
409569kɪ ɹɛhammer in (a nail)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1280. use/Equipment0
427948kɪ ʂpɛpaste / stick / gluev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1680.085.4Instruments and therapies0
421227kɪg gɛclimb (a mountain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1538.086.7.7Up, etc.0
392935kɪjtʂyou twopron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0932.084.1Pronouns0
401842li χæisevere / fierce / sharp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1108.086.9.2Carve, shave0
4189963569liucomev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1491.086.7.1Inward0
419548liuflow (of water)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1502.086.6.1Float0
426992liushed (tears)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1660. of dwellings0
407103liətwist (hemp fibers) between the palms1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1225.086.7.6Circularly0
412539liəplough / tillv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1347.085.3Diseases0
365124liəəɹpearn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0393.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
376574liəʴ wu̥plowsharen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0615.085.3Diseases0
350954liəχgenitals (male)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0116.081.9.1Egg0
395495liɛthickadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0980.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
399860liɑŋ khuæicool, pleasantly1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1066.
350346lo sə kuæianklen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0104.
415796loː kuən sɛmake friends withv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1421.086.14Construction0
359761bloː thoːcameln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0283.082.2.7Other Mammals0
355341loːkənfriendn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0201.084.4.2Clans and neighbors0
375143lu tʂu̥wheeln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0587.085.1Waste products0
371661lu zu̥ χɑflight of stepsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0520.086.7.5Medium Primary (e.g. air)0
349623lu χu pɑtʂshouldern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0090.081.4.3Shoulder0
347911lujaluminumn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0057.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
366557lupradishn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0421.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
360948luŋdragonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0306.082.1.5Dragon0
364658luəfir (China)nveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0384.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
364816luəzresin / colophonynveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0387., beers, etc.0
371195luəʴ muwood / logn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0511.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
398718luɑn thɑchaotic / disorderly / messy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1044.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
432412luː hɑ lɑincrease / gainv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1776.089.5Change of state0
423568læi ɸɑn pəendure / be patientv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1588.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
402784decoct (herbal medicine)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1130.085.4Instruments and therapies0
414163lə lɑchangev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1383.089.5Change of state0
415713m,2137lə lɑexchangev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1419.086.22Exchanges0
426075ləlɑrinse (the mouth)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1641.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
378030ləɣzcharacter / wordn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0643.081.10Mind0
378183ləɣzbookn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0646.085.1Waste products0
346028steamn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0021.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
432048there is (water in the bowl)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1768.089.2.7Extent0
348727lɛ khsɛtower / pagoda (for spirit worship)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0072. Beings0
415304lɛj dʑɛenvyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1410.
399390lɛn thɑtender young (plant)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1057.
407903lɛχ tə lɑyawnv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1243.
361871wolfn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0324.082.1.11Canine0
395285wide / broadadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0976.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
401393lɑ pɑmulticolored / patterned (cloth)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1098.089.4Colors0
350446lɑ ʁuəʴ sɑelbownbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0106.
380691lɑ ʁu̥ʴcrack / rift / fissuren1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0694.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
381266lɑnsouthn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0705.089.2.8Directions0
366916lɑn kuɑpumpkinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0428.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
364292lɑn pɑflowernveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0377.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
378132lɑn pɑpaintingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0645.085.8Religion0
364502lɑn pɑ dɛ mɛ pɛbudnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0381.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
405241lɑs tshərepay1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1183.086.22Exchanges0
423434lɑu thɑshout / yellv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1585.
411604lɪ lɛhatch / incubatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1326.081.1.2Life/Breathe/Exist0
383727miæ χɑːʴnight, at / evening, in theadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0752.089.1.4Times of Day0
366402miæn χuɑcottonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0418.085.1Waste products0
353580miəhuman beingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0167.084.5Other Collective terms0
354305miə tʃhɛ pəmdoctorn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0181.
393418miɛother person(s)pron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0941.088.1Abstract Entities0
348999miɛ ʂkɑŋeyebrown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0078.
399761miɑ miɑχlukewarm (water)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1064.
360374miɑ qhuɑhenn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0295.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
399296mo xliucheap1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1055.085.9Monetary Terms0
399590mo ʂkuugly1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1061.087.1.3Human qualities and appearance0
3778792136,mmu dʒugunpowdern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0640.085.15War and violence0
348011mu dʑɪχcharcoaln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0059.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
372342mu gulight / lampn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0533.
345048mu juχsunn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0002.083.2.10Light or lack of light0
4181952136,2420mu liuwarm oneself by (a fire)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1474.
3449932473,mmu tupskyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0001.083.2.2Planets/Meteorological objects/Sky0
3459242136,2361mu xu̥smoken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0019., flames, and burnt things0
4308782136,2361,m,mmu xu̥ tə tʂhɑsmoke / fumigatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1743., flames, and burnt things0
349569481mu |kuneckn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0089.081.4.2Neck0
3454092473,mmu ʁuwindn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0009.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
4128002473,m,mmu ʁu pəblow (wind)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1353.
345514mutup tʂhuɛjrainbown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0011.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
3673802472muymushroomn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0437.083.1.7Fungi0
354515muː tɕɑŋcarpentern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0185. and Artisans0
376012muː tɕɑŋ pɑ nɑtooln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0604. use/Equipment0
430922muːʴfind / look forv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1744.086.21Acquisitions0
3452572473weathern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0006.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
3458742136firen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0018., flames, and burnt things0
356794younger brother (address by o. sister)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0228.080
4274242473,m,mmə dzə zdɑcloudy, be (sky) / overcastv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1669.083.2.2Planets/Meteorological objects/Sky0
4330522136,mmə dɛwcatch (fire) / be (on fire) (on mountain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1789.0810.1.1Prepositions0
4081062473,m,mmə dɑ ɹgu̥ə̥thunderv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1248.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
4080642473mə gru̥break (thunderbolt)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1247.089.5Change of state0
379589p,2264mə lɑsoul / spiritn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0673.081.10Mind0
411560mə mɑapply (ointment)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1325.086.17Putting0
3996992473,mmə pɛcold (weather)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1063.
424377mə tshɑχ ʂkuɛsunbathev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1605.
4111952136,mmə tsəset on firev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1317.086.17Putting0
4275242473mə tu sudawn (the day)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1671.089.1.4Times of Day0
345668mə xə̥ʴfrostn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0014.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
362177mə ʁɛ rəpeagle / vulturen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0330. birds0
362227mə ʁɛ rəpvulture (cinereous)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0331. birds0
4274732473,mmə ʂqɑclear, be (weather) / sunnyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1670. Qualities0
3453582473,mmə ʐguəthundern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0008.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
372446mə χə̥ʴcharcoal (live)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0535.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
34597462məsbreathn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0020.
383674məs kə dʐuɛdusk / twilightn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0751.089.1.4Times of Day0
429406məs nəʴ xu̥ʴinhalev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1711.
348634məɸtombn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0071.089.10.6Functional buildings/places0
382654məχover / aboveprep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0731.089.2.1Up0
382759məχ tɑupwardsadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0733.089.2.1Up0
4275712473,m,m,mmə◦s kɛ dʐuɛdark, getv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1672.089.4Colors0
4297942473,1013,m,mmə◦əɹ dɑ ɹɑfall (rain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1719.
3454622473,1013mə◦əʴrainn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0010.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
3823922473,smə◦χin (the sky)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0726.0810.1.1Prepositions0
351731pulse (wrist)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0131.
378340ink (Chinese)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0649.085.1Waste products0
3975982436,mmɛ tsɛblunt / dull1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1021. - form0
376421mɛ təumarker (ink, carpenter's)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0612.085.1Waste products0
4006042436,m,mmɛ tɕin thɑidle / not busy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1081. Human Qualities0
409799mɛ xliɛmovev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1285.086.7.11Movement (general)0
401350mɛ zdɛ tʃuə zdɛhurriedly / hastily1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1097.086.7.3Awkwardly, Irregularly, Abruptly0
399226mɛjbad (words)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1053. Qualities0
378488mɛlspeech / wordsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0651.081.8.7Speak/Say/Tell0
421037mɛrsolidify / congealv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1534.089.5Change of state0
3677941470,m,mmɛr piɛ sɛoil (animal)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0445.
4203402436mɛwhave, do notv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1519.088.2Abstract verbs0
430313mɛʐdisappear / vanishv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1731.089.5Change of state0
375650mɑ piæn tsəwhipn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0597.085.14Husbandry0
368001mɑ thɑːsugarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0449. ground and milled food0
375498mɑ tshɑumangern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0594.080
375447mɑ tʃɑŋhorseshoen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0593.085.14Husbandry0
398287mɑ tʂɑsoft1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1035.
401961mɑʴ xə̥ʴindustrious / hardworking1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1111. Human Qualities0
397698mɑʴ χɑʴmuddy / turbid1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1023.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
3562961619mɑːmothern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0219.084.7.1Previous generation0
348371mɪ tshuɑvillagen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0066.085.8Religion0
418760mɪ zɛ ku tɑsleepy, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1486. asleep0
407858mɪ zɛ qu(ə) tɑdoze / nod offv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1242. asleep0
430678mɪ zɛ sə ʂqɑwake upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1739.081.1.4Wake/Conscious/Alert0
380947mɪ ʂuɑχshadown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0698.083.2.10Light or lack of light0
349051681mɪjeyen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0079.081.2.6Eye0
372238mɪj lɑŋmirrorn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0531. and Accessories0
347961mɪj thɑncoaln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0058.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
428915nu quʴbend at the waistv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1700.0810.0Grammatical Words0
362631nu ʁucrown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0339. birds0
426308129sleepv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1646. asleep0
433404knowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1798., Believe0
370122811,692nə ku̥pillown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0490.081.2.1Head/Headed0
385108nəplast yearn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0779.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
383063nəsyesterdayn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0739.089.1.3Days0
423839nɛ thɛknead (dough)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1594.085.5Cooking Implements0
383468nɛʑ miæ χɑːʴyesterday evening / last nightn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0747.089.1.4Times of Day0
381587rightn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0711.
399119660good1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1052. Qualities0
381006nɑ lɛadvantage / benefitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0700.088.1Abstract Entities0
394429nɑʐ thə tɑothers / miscellaneousnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0960.088.1Abstract Entities0
382214nɪiz tɑupper part of / upper reaches (distal)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0722.089.2.1Up0
382166nɪzupper part of / upper reaches (proximal)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0722.089.2.1Up0
357027o puuncle <father's younger brother>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0232.084.7.1Previous generation0
357495o puuncle <mother's younger sister's husband>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0240.084.7.1Previous generation0
358001o pustepfathern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0250.084.7.1Previous generation0
416757o qu pəmarryv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1441.086.19Social action0
383417o squ miæ χɑːʴtomorrow night / eveningn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0746.089.1.4Times of Day0
383216o squɑtomorrown/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0742.089.1.3Days0
434055o wəprepare / get ready / intendv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1812.086.14Construction0
398053o ʂkuʂthick (porridge)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1030.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
419203o ʂutired, be / fatiguedv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1495. Human Qualities0
409619o ʐulose / mislayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1281.086.10.1Unintentional loss - Misplace0
425252o ʐulose (sthg.)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1624.086.10.1Unintentional loss - Misplace0
426844o χlucollapse / cave in / fall downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1657.089.5Change of state0
356178owgrandmothern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0217.084.7.1Previous generation0
379911phi tɕhɛtempern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0679.088.3Psychological verbs0
396168phinlevel / flatadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0994. - front/back/side-side0
402319phin gɑnsafe and sound1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1119. Qualities0
373530phin tsəbottlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0556.085.1Waste products0
422429phiæn thɑdeceive / cheatv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1564.
432313phiɛplant (trees)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1774.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
433554phiɛplant / raise (wheat)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1801.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
397089phiɑːʴ qugrey (deep)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1011.089.4Colors0
347534phuforestn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0050.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
4271322563phuescape / run awayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1663.086.7.2Outward0
360787phu khʂuanimal / beastn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0303.082.3Associated Animal Terms0
407346phu khʂu qhuʴhunt1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1230. action verbs0
3992412583,mphu liuexpensive1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1054.085.9Monetary Terms0
365277phu thugrapen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0396.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
394972phuŋ buχprotruding / raisedadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0970.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
368937phuɑclothing / garmentn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0467. (general)0
421825phuɑ ji pədrape (a garment) over one's shouldersv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1551.
398576phuɑ lɑlax / loose / slack1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1041.086.13.1Tying0
421415phæi thɑsend / dispatch (a person)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1542. an object0
351213phəwrinklen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0121.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
40684075phəblow away (a speck of dust)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1219.
422338phə phɑpave / layv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1562.086.17Putting0
419682phə tɑχ thɛ lɛcuddle / embracev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1505.088.4Feeling0
419108phə ɑ lɑold, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1493. term0
374109phɛ tɛtube (bamboo) for blowing on a firen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0567.080
421596phɛi thɑcompensatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1546.086.22Exchanges0
373427phɑn tsəplate / dishn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0554.085.5Cooking Implements0
351059phɑʂgenitals (female)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0118.081.9.1Egg0
402883phɑː phɑː sɛ ʐguɛrake (the fields)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1132.085.1Waste products0
375961phɑː tsəraftn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0603.085.1Waste products0
379966phɹenews / messagen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0680.085.1Waste products0
428175phɹɛ zdɑnotify / informv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1685. or give information0
404837phɹɪ phɹɛunseam (clothing)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1174. (general)0
410077phɹɪ phɹɛsnap (a thread)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1291.089.3Sounds0
426513phɹɪ phɹɛtear up / ripv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1650.
428779phɹɪ phɹɛdig / scoop outv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1698.086.11Digging, excavation0
3968371235phɹɪʂwhite1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1006.089.4Colors0
417484phʴɪ phɹɛdig / excavatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1458.086.11Digging, excavation0
378284pipen (writing instrument)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0648.085.1Waste products0
403897pi thɑcompare1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1154.088.3Psychological verbs0
351318piu dzusore / boiln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0123.
369761piu rucoraln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0483.080
382061piænvicinity / nearbyn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0720.089.2.3Sideways0
396040piæn piaχflat / shallowadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0991. - form0
404092piæn thɑchange1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1158.089.5Change of state0
376730piæn tɑnpole (carrying / shoulder)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0618.089.7.1Shape and size0
401593piæn χuɑsly / cunning1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1102.
352647piəintestinenbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0149.081.7.6Stomach0
3455643554piɛsnown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0012.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
3598111006piɛpign1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0284.082.1.12Porcine0
3844351006piɛyear of the pign1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0766.089.1.2Months and Years0
404760piɛtransplant (rice seedlings)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1172. action verbs0
410267piɛhide oneselfv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1295.
3685251006,mpiɛ stəfeed (pig) / pigwashn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0459.
3708301006,mpiɛ tɕɑːʴpigsty / pen (hog)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0504. structures0
3612561006,mpiɛ χuboar (wild)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0312.082.1.12Porcine0
374582piɛχinterest (financial)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0576.
3515781006,34piɛ◦sflesh / musclen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0128.
3676921006,34piɛ◦smeatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0443.
3598651006,mpiɛ◦ɕboarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0285.082.1.12Porcine0
3600161006,mpiɛ◦χʂdung (pig)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0288.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
398918piɑŋ χɑfalse1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1048. Qualities0
377362po tɕɛfan (winnowing)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0630.085.4Instruments and therapies0
349931pubellyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0096.081.4.7Belly/Abdomen0
360168pu ȵucatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0291.082.1.3Feline0
3499842103,525pu ʂu̥naveln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0097.081.9.4Breast0
427323pu χsu tʂhuəkickv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1667.
372548puəʴtindern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0537., Non-edible0
419411pæi thiɑu pəchatv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1499.088.5.8Banter/Discourse0
420193buyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1516.086.22Exchanges0
419861pə rɑχmessy, be / in chaosv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1509. Qualities0
364082pəm piɛtrunknveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0373.081.4.1Torso/Trunk0
374479pən tɕhæncapital / principaln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0574.089.10.3Governable units (towns, parts of towns)0
383012pəstodayn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0738.089.1.3Days0
431195pəəʴraise (chickens)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1750.086.7.7Up, etc.0
348735pəəʴ χuɑbodyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0073.081.1.1Body0
358154pəʴ quːʴ ʂu̥livestock / animal (domestic)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0253.082.3Associated Animal Terms0
381369northn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0707.089.2.8Directions0
354099pɛ sɛcommon peoplen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0177.
374255pɛ tæipiece of cloth with straps for carrying a toddlern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0569.0810.1.1Prepositions0
417567pɛ tʂhɛobstruct (cause to) / blockv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1460.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
359966pɛjpigletn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0287.082.1.12Porcine0
383366pɛj miæ χɑːʴtonightn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0745.089.1.4Times of Day0
359447pɛj miɛlambn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0277.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
371920pɛn dɛstool / benchn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0525.
401492pɛn thɑstupid1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1100.088.3Psychological verbs0
402064pɛn thɑclumsy / awkward1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1113. Human Qualities0
385415pɛɕpresent, the (time)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0785.085.8Religion0
371813pɑ nɑthingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0523.088.1Abstract Entities0
3498273459,3459pɑ pɑbreastn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0094.
349878pɑ pɑmilkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0095.080
373217pɑ tsəhandle (of a knife)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0550.085.1Waste products0
426895pɑ χsɑ tʂhustep on / trample / stampv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1658.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
361001pɑ χə̥ʴclaw / talonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0307.
359915pɑlsown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0286.082.1.12Porcine0
415219pɑtdeposit / leave withv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1408.0810.1.1Prepositions0
376371pɑu tsəplane (tool)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0611.085.1Waste products0
403581pɑu ɸu pəprotect1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1147. action verbs0
369710pɑu χotreasured object / treasuren1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0482.085.11Artifacts (unclassified as yet)0
354766pɑʂmonkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0189.080
362118qhlukite (black-eared) / hawkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0328.085.8Religion0
429969qhsuoffer / dedicatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1723.088.5.11Formulaic0
4278575658,5658qhsu qhsujumpv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1678.086.7.8Downward0
427905qhsu qhsupulse / beatv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1679.
414703qhsuəalive, become / activev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1396.
400910qhsəliving (adj.)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1087.
409667qhsɑunderstand / graspv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1282.
407949qhuɛʴp tə lɑhiccupv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1244.
382601qhuɑ tɑat the bottom of (a hill)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0730.0810.0Grammatical Words0
401748qhuɑtsuitable1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1106. Qualities0
413643qhuɑt ŋuəksuitableadj.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1371. Qualities0
422912qhuɑʴcut up (vegetable)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1574.086.9.3Chop, slice0
4246532232qhuʴshoot (an arrow)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1611. action verbs0
365633qhəʴrice (paddy)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0403.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
367486qhəʴricen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0439.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
365885qhəʴ khʂɑpstraw (rice)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0408. ground and milled food0
372023qhɛʂchest / box / trunkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0527.
421870qhɛʴ qhɛʴchop (firewood)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1552.086.9.3Chop, slice0
370477qhɑ lɛ kɛfoundationn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0497.
354934qhɑ ʂəmbeggarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0193. with purpose of convincing0
398190qhɑʴthin (hair)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1033.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
346865qhɑʴsdike / embankmentn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0037.089.10.2Waterways/Having to do with water0
371136qhɑʴswall (stone)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0510. of the structure0
400269229qhɑχbitter1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1074.
352748qhʂəexcrementnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0151.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
352849qhʂəfartnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0153.
403303qhʂəbind / tie up1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1141.086.13.1Tying0
363363m,2178,5432qhʂə bə◦lmaggotn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0359.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
418857qhʂə ɕɛempty the bowelsv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1488. - general0
350902qhʂə ʐu̥anusn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0115.
352596qhʂəs qɑstomachnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0148.081.7.6Stomach0
415381qhʂɛbuckle up / fasten (a belt)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1412. of clothing0
379698qustrength (physical)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0675.081.1.5Strength0
413418quafraid, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1366.087.1.1Emotive0
353840qu duold ladyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0172. term0
355552qu dzu pɑːʴbaldheadn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0205.
381904qu dʒupoint / tipn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0717. an object0
396474qu liumany / muchadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0987.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
403353qu quɛwrapv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1142. action verbs0
420397qu quɛcover up (objects)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1520.085.8Religion0
408431qu stuhold up / delayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1255.086.16Holding0
369659qu sucombn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0481.
380481qu su wɛdangern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0690.080
374838qu sɛpscissorsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0581.
382286qu tɑon (the table)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0724.0810.1.1Prepositions0
349257qu tɕu pɑəʴcheekn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0083.
362902qu ʂputcuckoon1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0344. birds0
363619qu χumleechn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0364.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
407485quə quɑwar, go to / battlev1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1233.085.15War and violence0
407532quə quɑfightv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1234.086.5Fighting0
374990quə sɑːʴ ʁulockn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0584.081.2.3Hair of Head0
373060quətɕlid / covern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0547.085.1Waste products0
412937quɑclose (the door)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1356.
346814quɑ tʂɑpitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0036.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
374317quɑtcontainer for measuring grain (=1 decaliter)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0571.085.1Waste products0
349203quɑʴ χɑʴfacen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0082.081.2.5Face0
380851quʂ wɛshape / appearancen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0697.089.7.1Shape and size0
396733quʴ ʁəʴcurved / crooked / bent1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1004.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
408656quːʴ sqəlreversev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1260. action verbs0
409427quːʴ sqəl ɑ qɑfall over / downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1277.
359290quːʴ ʂu̥sheep (general)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0274.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
354463quːʴʂu̥ ɕtɕyəmshepherd boyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0184.
348789386,mqə pɑtʂheadn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0074.081.2.1Head/Headed0
422867qə qɑprize / pryv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1573.085.8Religion0
348895386,367,2018qə xliɛ piɛbraid / plaitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0076.
382446qəlunder (the sky)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0727.089.2.2Down0
382707qəlbelow / underprep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0732.089.2.2Down0
382809qəl lɑdownwardsadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0734.089.2Spatial terms0
408983qəp ɛ ʁuɛʴnodv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1267.081.2.1Head/Headed0
385364qəəʴ qəəʴ tɑancient times, inadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0784.089.1.5Other Intervals0
381640qəəʴ tɑfrontn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0712.081.4.4Front0
385310qəəʴ tɑpast, in theadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0783.089.1.5Other Intervals0
348845qəɸhairn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0075.081.2.3Hair of Head0
424281qəʴ gu̥sieve / siftv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1603.085.5Cooking Implements0
397650qəʴ gə̥ʴclear (water)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1022. Qualities0
416942qəʴχban / forbid / prohibitv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1445.088.5.1Scold0
408939386,m,mqə◦p |ɑ tuɑlower (the head)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1266.080
420902canv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1531.0810.2.2Morphological identifiers0
369298386,mqɛ dɛhead-cloth / turbann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0474.081.2.1Head/Headed0
412141qɛ liɛcomplain about s.b. to his supv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1338.
376832qɛ sɛwedgen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0620.089.7.1Shape and size0
422525m,2237qɛ tʃɛride (a horse)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1566.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
418579qɛ tɕhɛdig out with fingerv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1482.086.11Digging, excavation0
428641qɛ tɕhɛtake off (clothes)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1695.086.21Acquisitions0
380533qɛ tʂhɛsdifference / distinctionn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0691.088.1Abstract Entities0
351781qɛ ȵɪbrainsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0132.081.2.4Brain0
416719qɛ ʑdʑɛmarryv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1441.086.19Social action0
353257qɛjsoundn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0161.089.3Sounds0
401224qɛj sɑloud1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1094.089.3Sounds0
3927232530Ipron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0928.084.1Pronouns0
353788qɑ pɑold mann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0171. term0
411383qɑ rəseparatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1321.086.10.4Intentional separation - Sort0
373580qɑppot / jar / tinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0557.085.5Cooking Implements0
412360qɑron the other side (of a rivbe v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1343.0810.1.1Prepositions0
382546qɑː tɑon top (of the roof)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0729.0810.1.1Prepositions0
370730spəwarehouse / storehousen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0502.089.10.6Functional buildings/places0
4180111402stulet s.b. see / showv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1470.086.19Social action0
4181021402stusee ( a doctor)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1472.
428141stuthrow out (one's chest)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1684.086.12Throwing0
402833stu stuɛpull up (weeds)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1131.
402464stu xu̥ tʃualone1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1123.
399744stu χu̥cold (water)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1063.
403544stuəsecret, keep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1146.
404610stuəhide (sthg.)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1169.
431622stuəwithhold the facts / concealv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1759. action verbs0
431240stuə stuɑrock / swayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1751.083.2.9Rocks and minerals0
357185stuəmbrothersn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0235.084.7.2Same generation0
367537stuɑ χɑrice (cooked)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0440.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
410659stəfermentv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1304.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
416872stəsoak / steepv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1444.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
421555stəmake (tea)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1545.086.14Construction0
406434stɛhoe up (weeds)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1210.085.3Diseases0
415425stɛpick up (food with chopsticks)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1413.085.5Cooking Implements0
381693stɛ gɛbackn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0713.081.4.8Back0
385520stɛ kɛfuturen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0787.089.1.5Other Intervals0
3760642684stɛjaxen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0605.
415265stɑsend (a letter)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1409. an object0
350086stɑ piɛbuttocksn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0099.081.4.10Buttocks/Rump0
350999stɪj pɑtʂgenitals (male)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0116.081.9.1Egg0
366453suhempn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0419. vegetables0
408251sulead (the way) / guidev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1251. action verbs0
415985suteachv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1425.086.19Social action0
430826sulearnv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1742., Believe0
431482sulead the wayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1756. action verbs0
383266su dʑuday after tomorrown/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0743.
405979su tɕurinse / flush1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1200.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
358206su ʁucattlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0254.082.1.2Bovine0
370780su ʁu tɕɑːʴshed (cow) / fence (ox)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0503.082.1.2Bovine0
358661su ʁu◦χʂdung (cow)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0262.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
420659suəwhet (a knife)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1526.086.9.2Carve, shave0
426621suə suɑcalculatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1652.
385880suəχwintern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0794.089.1.2Months and Years0
415085179suɛsqueeze (for milk)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1405.089.5Change of state0
430394suɛpare / peel with a knifev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1733.086.9.2Carve, shave0
4306331745suɛblow (one's nose)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1738.
426799suɑlock (the door)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1656.081.2.3Hair of Head0
3477542676,msuːʴ muironn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0054.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
377620suːʴ qugun / riflen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0635.085.15War and violence0
407395suːʴ qu qhuʴfire (a shot)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1231., flames, and burnt things0
3545662676,m,msuːʴ◦mu dʑyəmblacksmithn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0186. and Artisans0
3611542805leopard / panthern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0310.082.1.3Feline0
3723962658firewoodn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0534. pertaining to fire0
377673bow (for arrow)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0636.085.15War and violence0
3940525632whointg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0953.0810.5.3WH words0
4236512670recognizev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1590.
4258272670familiar with, be / know sthg. ov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1636.
376219sə qɑːʴsawn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0608.
417528sə zuəblock / obstructv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1459.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
428500sə ɣzu̥swallowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1692.
371557sə ʂu̥beam (of building) (small)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0518.085.11.9Dwellings0
3524431390,msə χɑlivernbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0145.081.7.3Liver0
417393səl ləroll up (cloth)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1456.086.7.6Circularly0
360898bChinesesəz tsəlionn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0305.082.1.3Feline0
364031səɸtreen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0372.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
364132səɸ ɹɑ lɪ̥branch / twign1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0374.
377306sieve / siftern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0629.085.5Cooking Implements0
399641hot (water)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1062.080
415838water / sprinkle / irrigatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1422.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
416037crow (of cocks)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1426. birds0
423888sprinkle / sprayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1595.086.10.3Wide separation - Scatter0
423982scatter (seeds)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1597.086.10.3Wide separation - Scatter0
3589303333,219sɛ kuɛtailn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0267.
368371sɛ pɛmedicinen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0456.085.4Instruments and therapies0
405623sɛ qɛʴ gɛopen (an umbrella)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1191.
427717sɛ qɑchoose / pickv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1675.086.10.4Intentional separation - Sort0
400551sɛ ɣȵɛgreasy / oily1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1080.
407739sɛ ʐguəgather (firewood)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1239.086.13.5Join (general)0
421182sɛjcrawl (of insects)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1537.086.7.9Manner is primary0
434187sɛjwalkv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1815.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
380119sɛn χolife / livelihoodn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0683.
424075sɛp tshɛcome loose (shoelace)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1599.086.7.1Inward0
377040sɛtsicklen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0624.085.3Diseases0
366761m,647sɛŋ tɕɑŋgingern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0425.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
351629230bloodn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0129.081.6.2Blood/Bleed0
405022dilute / add water1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1178.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
378757sɑ lɑudance (guo1zhuang1, a Tibetan dance)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0657.086.7.9Manner is primary0
407617sɑn thɑseparated accidentally and lose contact with, getv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1236.0810.1.1Prepositions0
424033sɑn thɑbreak up (meeting) / endv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1598.089.5Change of state0
351988425sɑχjointnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0136.081.5.8Joint0
399687sɪ lɛhot (weather)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1062.080
374058sɪ stɛtongs (fire)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0566.085.4Instruments and therapies0
3643431019sɪj miɛfruitnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0378.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
374008sɪj miɛtrivetn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0565.080
370172sɪsmat (woven bamboo)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0491.
427619thiæn thɑfill up (a hollow)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1673.086.11Digging, excavation0
373321thiɑu kɛn tsəspoonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0552.085.5Cooking Implements0
424751tho tʂhustretch out (the arm)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1613.089.5Change of state0
426167tho ʐgufling / tossv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1643.086.12Throwing0
393894thutheredem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0950.089.2.7Extent0
350034thu suwaistn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0098.081.4.6Waist0
409758thu thufrostbitten, be (hand)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1284.
403729thui thɑdig1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1150.086.11Digging, excavation0
419944thuə thuɑpile / stack upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1511. action verbs0
432638thəextract (oil)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1781.086.10.4Intentional separation - Sort0
393151thəm liɛtheypron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0936.084.1Pronouns0
3939502195,mthɛ khʂɛthat side / theredem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0951.0810.1Ontological0
428364thɛ ɕtɕɛpush / shovev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1689.
428268thɛ ɕɛthrow / hurlv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1687.086.12Throwing0
393041thɛːhepron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0934.084.1Pronouns0
3937342195thɛːthatdem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0947.0810.1Ontological0
393939thɑtheredem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0950.089.2.7Extent0
417039thɑ qɑ dʑɛpass / go byv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1448.086.7.10Move with something else0
410897thɑ ɣli̥turn over (on bed)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1310.086.7.6Circularly0
432188thɑ ɹɑcross / passv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1771.086.7.10Move with something else0
423695thɑ ʁu̥ə̥ʴthrow / toss (away from speaker)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1591.086.12Throwing0
420759thɑ ʂkuətake / hold / getv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1528.086.21Acquisitions0
402425thɑu jæn lɑ thɑbothersome / disagreeable1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1122.080
365074thɑu tsə (sɪj miɛ)peachn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0392.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
368103thɑŋsoupn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0451.085.5Cooking Implements0
413272thɑʁcross (a bridge)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1363.086.7.10Move with something else0
393841thɑχthosedem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0949.0810.4.3.2Demonstrators0
396522thɑχ thɑχothers / miscellaneousnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0960.088.1Abstract Entities0
394001thɪjthat (way) / (like) thatdem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0952.0810.1Ontological0
393098thɪjtʂthey twopron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0935.084.1Pronouns0
387920ti əʴsecondnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0834.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
432152tiŋ thɑagree on / arrangev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1770.
387870ti◦jɛfirstnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0833.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
396083tseχpointedadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0992. an object0
380427tsho wumistake / errorn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0689.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
376320tshoː tsəfile (tool)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0610.086.9.2Carve, shave0
432681tshu tshupluck (flowers)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1782.
351371tshuaj mɪwoundn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0124.
398629tshui thɑcrisp / brittle1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1042.
407064tshui thɑurge / hurry / speed up1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1224. with purpose of convincing0
352342458tshuəlungn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0143.081.7.2Lung0
404710tshuəpoke (a sign into earth) / insert1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1171.088.4Feeling0
418343tshuəp liucoughv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1477.
434143tshuɛ tɛpeck at (rice; of a chicken)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1814.
3485803604tshuɑbridgen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0070.089.10.2Waterways/Having to do with water0
405286tshuɑsing1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1184.085.1Waste products0
352241tshuχ tɕɛthroatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0141.081.3.5Throat/Pharynx0
404423tshæi thɑguess (a riddle)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1165., Believe0
3481152729tshəsaltn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0061.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
377197tshə ku̥ tuəʂmortarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0627.085.5Cooking Implements0
3650232741,mtshə mɑthorn / splintern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0391.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
400423tshə mɑztasteless / insipid1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1077.085.8Religion0
349364tshə pɑəʴlipn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0085.081.3.2Lip0
352950tshəp qhuɑːʴsputumnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0155.081.8.3Spit/Saliva0
410738tshəu thɑworry / anxious, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1306. (e.g. dread)0
4002172380tshəχsweet1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1073.
3593931226tshɛgoatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0276.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
3842341226tshɛyear of the ramn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0762.089.1.2Months and Years0
395340tshɛnarrowadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0977.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
3709321226tshɛ tɕɑːʴsheepfold / pen (sheep)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0506.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
401441tshɛm pɑclever1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1099. Human Qualities0
3596481226tshɛ◦χʂdung (goat)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0280.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
372079tshɑcupboard / cabinetn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0528.080
425972tshɑ ɛ ʁɛjthinner, get (body)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1639.081.1.5Strength0
39779942,mtshɑːʴ wɛfat (pig)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1025.081.6.4Fat/Be Fat0
367951tshɪjseed of Chinese prickly ashn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0448.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
393577tsuheredem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0944.089.2.3Sideways0
356412m,2348tsu gzudaughter-in-lawn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0221.084.7.4Related by marriage0
355657tsu puhunchbackn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0207.
418621tsu tsuəbuckle / button upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1483. of clothing0
373996tsu ʁuladle (gourd) / dipper (wooden)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0564.085.5Cooking Implements0
346908tsujdike / embankmentn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0037.089.10.2Waterways/Having to do with water0
363157tsunflean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0355.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
349675tsupbackn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0091.081.4.8Back0
351885m,237,mtsup əʴ pɑtʂspine / backbonen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0134.
372905tsurstove (cooking) / range (kitchen)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0544.085.5Cooking Implements0
371300tsuəpillar / columnn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0513.
406749tsuəinfect1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1217.
414845tsuə tsuɑmix (powder) with waterv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1399.086.13.4Mix0
358324tsuəʐbuffalon1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0256.082.1.2Bovine0
400165tsuɛsour1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1072.
354044tsæmgirln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0176.081.9.3Navel0
347381tsəwatern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0047.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
346762tsə ku̥welln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0035. Qualities0
345823tsə pɑicen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0017.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
416683tsə pɑ tə pəfreeze / ice upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1440.089.5Change of state0
413074tsə tɕhufill (with water)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1359.086.11Digging, excavation0
361563tsə tʂuː tsəporcupinen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0318.082.1.1Rodents0
346545tsə wɛʴrivern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0030.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
385058tsə xə̥ʴthis yearn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0778.0810.4.3.2Demonstrators0
347432tsə ɕyɛwaven1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0048.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
407695tsə ʐəfetch / draw (water)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1238.
368216tsəlwater (boiled)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0453.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
3499215541tsəpmilkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0095.080
353002tsəssalivanbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0156.081.8.3Spit/Saliva0
373793tsəʂ tʂhuɑbucketn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0561.085.1Waste products0
397032tsəχʂ ɹɛ wɛgreen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1009.089.4Colors0
397547tsɛsharp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1020.086.9.2Carve, shave0
408206tsɛbring up (children)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1250.
417960tsɛwatchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1469.
431835tsɛhave (money)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1764.088.2Abstract verbs0
393630tsɛ khʂɛthis side / heredem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0945.0810.4.3.2Demonstrators0
371763tsɛ ku̥garden (plot)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0522.089.10.4Farm/Agricultural places0
401183m,660tsɛ nɑbeautiful / pleasant to the eyes1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1093.087.1.3Human qualities and appearance0
414624tsɛ qɑ tɛs sɑmix (cause to)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1394.086.13.4Mix0
400469tsɛ stɛastringent1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1078.
395442tsɛ thɑcramped / narrowadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0979.
371711tsɛ ɕpiɛfence (bamboo / twig)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0521. structures0
353738tsɛ ɕɛbabyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0170.084.2.11Stages of growth0
393472tsɛːthisdem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0942.0810.4.3.2Demonstrators0
381947tsɛχpoint / tipn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0717. an object0
385779tsɛχsummern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0792.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
393620tsɑheredem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0944.089.2.3Sideways0
370528tsɑu ɸɑŋkitchenn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0498.085.5Cooking Implements0
393524tsɑχthesedem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0943.0810.4.3.2Demonstrators0
353941tsɪwomann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0174.081.9.3Navel0
356464tsɪdaughtern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0222.084.7.3Later generation0
407023tsɪ stɛhurt by stinging1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1223.
356733tsɪjelder sistern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0227.084.7.1Previous generation0
393682tsɪjthus / this (way) / (like) thisdem1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0946.0810.4.3.2Demonstrators0
357237tsɪj ʂuɑʂsistersn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0236.084.7.2Same generation0
422576tu jurise / stand upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1567.081.1.4Wake/Conscious/Alert0
409164tu khʂupadv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1271.080
430914m,2136,2361tu mu xu̥smoke / fumigatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1743., flames, and burnt things0
379277tu mɑrhorn (woodwind) (long)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0667.081.2.2Horn(ed)/Antler0
402592tu pulove / like1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1126.
431656m,5677tu quwinv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1760.086.19Social action0
372292tu rubroomn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0532.085.4Instruments and therapies0
373636tu stujar (earthen)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0558.085.1Waste products0
432103tu tsumeet / come acrossv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1769.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
417259tu tʂhuraise (the hand)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1453.086.7.7Up, etc.0
424793tu tʂhustretch out (the arm)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1613.089.5Change of state0
425066tu ʐgubirth, give tov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1620.081.1.2Life/Breathe/Exist0
380069tu ʐgu thɑsbirthdayn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0682.081.1.2Life/Breathe/Exist0
417642tu χsuboiling, be (water)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1462.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
408344tutuwear (a turban)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1253. action verbs0
381215tuŋeastn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0704.089.2.8Directions0
418665tuəidle, be / unoccupiedv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1484. Human Qualities0
427763tuəcarry (sthg.) with a pole on tv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1676.0810.1.1Prepositions0
396218tuə tuəwrinkled / creasedadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0995.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
418146tuə tuəshoulderv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1473.081.4.3Shoulder0
356841tuəʴʂyounger brother (address by o. brother)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0228.
376522tuəχplown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0614.086.11Digging, excavation0
411730tuɛconform (cause to) / satisfyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1329.0810.1.1Prepositions0
4103192763tuɑchop / cut (meat)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1296.086.9.3Chop, slice0
375296tuː tæibellybandn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0590. body0
429361tuχcover (the mouth)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1710.085.8Religion0
424474tæiʂɑn tə pəinjure / hurt (the arm)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1607.086.4Harm0
433058tə liɑŋ thɑcatch coldv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1790.086.21Acquisitions0
406293m,3569tə lɑcome out (the sun)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1207.086.7.1Inward0
425209tə lɑrise / go upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1623.081.1.4Wake/Conscious/Alert0
385728tə nəχspring (season)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0791.086.7.9Manner is primary0
421732tə phɑexpand / swellv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1549.089.5Change of state0
415473tə pɑ təpick upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1414.086.10.4Intentional separation - Sort0
398620tə qhɑʴlax / fluffy / puffy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1041.086.13.1Tying0
424603tə qɑgo upstairs (past)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1609.086.7.2Outward0
396632tə su̥vertical1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1002.089.2.1Up0
415619tə tɕɑŋ thɑtell (a story)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1417.081.8.7Speak/Say/Tell0
407996tə ɕɛbelchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1245.
424559tə ʁɑgo upstairs (future)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1609.086.7.2Outward0
402138tə ʂpɑhardworking / exerting oneself1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1115.084.1Pronouns0
410773tə ʂəgerminate / sproutv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1307.083.1.9Vegetative/Agricultural activity0
424963tə ʐuəgrowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1617.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
424923tə χsugrowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1617.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
421925tə χtɑfloatv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1553.086.6.1Float0
409721təgfreeze (meat)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1283.089.5Change of state0
409843tən phɹɑstir / budgev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1286. action verbs0
372386tən ʁu tsəlight / lampn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0533.
432968təph phɑbloated, feel (of the stomach)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1788.
433604təph phɑswell (of tissue)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1802.
428874təq quəʴcurved, become / bentv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1700. - form0
434537təs pədo / be in businessv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1822. do/act0
354255təs pəmmerchantn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0180.084.2.1Occupations0
410501təʁdevelop (career / undertaking)itr.v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1300.089.5Change of state0
403622təχeaten one's fill, have1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1148.
416310barkv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1432. (of dog)0
421322strike (the table)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1540.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
431187tɛ dzɛitch / ticklev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1749.
414660tɛ gʐɛmuddle (the water)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1395.0810.0Grammatical Words0
412397tɛ qhɛhurt (the foot from grit in the shoe)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1344.0810.1.1Prepositions0
414501tɛ qhɛdestroy (cause to)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1391.086.9Undoing0
402931tɛ qhɛʴgrasp (with the fingers and thumb of both hands)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1133.0810.1.1Prepositions0
414754tɛ qɛsupport / raisev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1397.086.16Holding0
416583tɛ qɛlift (the lid)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1438.086.16Holding0
411651tɛ tsɛput one's hand on (sthg.) forv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1327.086.17Putting0
416625tɛ tsɛlift (the lid)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1438.086.16Holding0
426938tɛ tsɛlift up / carryv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1659.086.16Holding0
432872tɛ wɹɛgrow upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1786.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
432961tɛ wɹɛgo up (water level) / risev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1787.086.7.2Outward0
405580tɛ ɕtɕɛprop up / support1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1190.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
410607tɛ ɸɛ tɛshiver / tremblev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1303.
409337tɛ ʁuɛʴhangv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1275.
424840tɛ ʂkuɛdraw out / stretchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1615.085.8Religion0
397134tɛ ʂuɛbright1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1012.
423523tɛ ʂɛheat up (cold rice)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1587.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
414579tɛ χtʂɛj dɑs sɑmix / blend / minglev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1393.086.13.4Mix0
370021tʃanblanket (felt)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0488.
406201tʃhu thɑproduce1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1205.086.14Construction0
404557tʃhuɛȵstep on / tread1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1168.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
410368tʃhuɛȵstamp (one's foot)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1297. action verbs0
375905tʃhuɑnboat / shipn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0602.085.1Waste products0
378965tʃhuɑʴ wɛcymbalsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0661.085.1Waste products0
374264tʃhəsteelyard / scalesn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0570.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
405491tʃhə tʃhəweigh (food)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1188.089.8Measure Words0
374636tʃhəsruler (measure)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0577. leaders0
363107tʃhəu tʃhuŋbedbugn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0354.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
348321tʃhɛχstreetn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0065.089.10.1Roads and Ways0
375347tʃhɑ tsəbit (for horse)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0591.085.14Husbandry0
361767tʃu quweasel (yellow)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0322.082.2.7Other Mammals0
422292tʃu tʃucut / rip openv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1561.086.9.3Chop, slice0
384594tʃu tɕuday (first of lunar month)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0769.
369555tʃu wɑshoen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0479.
414059tʃui miɛ lɛpregnant, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1379.
3536862727,mtʃuj mɪchildn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0169.
379016tʃuŋchimen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0662.080
406531tʃuəput on (shoes)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1212.086.17Putting0
359188tʃuən phɑmane (horse)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0272.081.6.1Body Hair/Fur0
358767m,417tʃuə◦χhoofn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0264.081.5.4Hoof/Paw0
362852tʃuɑ mə kəəʴwoodpeckern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0343. birds0
365531tʃuɑn tɕɑːcropsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0401.
4159321778,1778,36tʃuɑχ tʃuɑχ dzəchewv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1424.081.3.4Tooth0
406583tʃəthread (a needle)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1213.085.11.6Textile0
406940tʃəjab / poke / stab1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1221.086.9.2Carve, shave0
4242201018tʃəkillv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1602.086.4Harm0
415168tʃɛ quɑrememberv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1407.
373112tʃɛtsteamer (of bamboo, for food)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0548.0810.1.1Prepositions0
384747tʃɛɕJanuaryn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0772.089.1.2Months and Years0
380798tʃɑ tʃɑdregs / sedimentn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0696. ground and milled food0
374788tʃɑχ pənail / tackn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0580.081.5.10Nail0
353891tʃɪmann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0173.
3563592727tʃɪsonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0220.084.7.3Later generation0
3565162727,547tʃɪ miɛson-in-lawn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0223.084.7.4Related by marriage0
408297wear (a hat)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1252. action verbs0
431520lead the wayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1756. action verbs0
407203tɑ jin tə pəpromise / consent1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1227.088.5.16Dedicate0
371454tɑ məndoor (front) / door (entrance)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0516. of the structure0
407687tɑ tɑu peoverthrow / down with (traitors)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1237.0810.1.1Prepositions0
369348tɑ wɑhatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0475.
408473tɑŋ thɑblock (the wind)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1256.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
395026tɑŋ tɑŋsunken / dentedadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0971.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
407782tɑː tuː pəbetv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1240.086.19Social action0
355385tɑːχofriend (male-to-male)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0201.
401043tɕhin tshuclear / lucid1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1090. Qualities0
383570tɕhin tsumorningn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0749.089.1.4Times of Day0
385830tɕhiufall / autumnn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0793.
348684tɕhot tɛntower / pagoda (big)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0072.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
412984tɕhupen in (sheep)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1357.085.1Waste products0
369195tɕhyn dzuskirtn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0472. (general)0
423343tɕhyæn thɑcomplete, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1583.089.5Change of state0
413594502tɕhədrinkv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1370.080
394217tɕhə ʂəwhenintg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0956.0810.5.3WH words0
364554tɕhəɸwillownveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0382.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
355448tɕhəχ piɛlame personn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0203.081.5.12Lame/Limp0
422672tɕhɛowe (money)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1569.086.22Exchanges0
431429tɕhɛwant / needv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1755.
379119tɕhɛlflute (bamboo, vertical)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0664.085.1Waste products0
414925tɕi thɑaccumulatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1401.086.21Acquisitions0
415043tɕi thɑpress (a tube of toothpaste)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1404.089.5Change of state0
380019tɕi χɑumark / signn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0681.085.1Waste products0
376627tɕin phoːraken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0616.085.1Waste products0
400650tɕin thɑbusy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1082.089.6.3Neutral0
417157tɕiuː thɑrescue / savev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1451. action verbs0
366711tɕi◦ɕgarlicn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0424.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
375397tɕoː tɛnstirrupn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0592.080
408157tɕucarry (money) on onev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1249.
405796tɕu guhold, can1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1195.086.16Holding0
363675tɕu khuʴantn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0365.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
396301tɕu ku̥reverse siden1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0997. action verbs0
365683tɕu mirice (glutinous)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0404.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
370629tɕu tuupstairs1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0500.089.2.1Up0
348219tɕu xu bu ʐu̥plant ashn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0063.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
381842tɕu xu̥inside (a room)n/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0715.089.2.5Amid0
360273tɕuychickenn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0293.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
370984tɕuy ji tɕɛpen (chicken)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0507.085.1Waste products0
360426tɕuy ʂu̥chickn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0296.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
365175tɕy tsə kɑntangerinen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0394.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
376679tɕyɛhoe (pointed)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0617.085.3Diseases0
348167tɕænalkali / sodan1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0062.083.2.8Organic matter/Organic compounds0
385573tɕəχinitially / beginning, in theadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0788.0810.1.1Prepositions0
385983tɕɛ ʐəfestivaln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0796.085.8Religion0
377468tɕɛs pɑ nɑloomn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0632.085.1Waste products0
394164tɕɑːwhereintg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0955.0810.5.3WH words0
361204tɕɪbearn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0311.082.2.3Ursine0
3703271612tɕɪhousen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0494. of dwellings0
370579tɕɪbuildingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0499.
392873tɕɪ liɛwepron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0930.084.1Pronouns0
370377tɕɪ pɑχroofn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0495.085.11.9Dwellings0
417354tɕɪ tɕɛget together, all / assemblev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1455.081.1.5Strength0
433458tɕɪ tɕɛweave / knitv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1799.085.1Waste products0
392828tɕɪjwepron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0930.084.1Pronouns0
392777tɕɪjtʂwe (two)pron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0929.084.1Pronouns0
355916tɕɪphost / mastern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0212.084.4.2Clans and neighbors0
420293tɪ suɛfull, be / filled upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1518.
394906tɪ wɹɪhigh / talladj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0968. - high/low0
364236tʂhu khʂuleafnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0376.083.1.3Leaves0
374938tʂhu tɑumbrellan1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0583. clothes and equipment0
371971tʂhuɑn bubedn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0526.
349467tʂhuɑn liɑŋ xubeardn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0087. Hair0
371505tʂhuɑn tsə mɛnwindown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0517. of the structure0
354617tʂhuɑn ɹuəmboatmann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0187.084.2.1Occupations0
405392tʂhuɪ tʂhuɛstir-fry1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1186.085.5Cooking Implements0
421505tʂhərunv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1544.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
415076tʂhə tʂhəpress (a tube of toothpaste)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1404.089.5Change of state0
370680tʂhəl lɑdownstairs1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0501.080
352697tʂhəʂbladdernbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0150.081.7.8Bladder0
363468tʂhəʂspidern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0361.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
406113tʂhɛsmoke (a cigarette)v1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1203., flames, and burnt things0
426214tʂhɛbolt (the door)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1644.085.11.9Dwellings0
4264055541tʂhɛsuckv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1648.
369091tʂhɛ pɛbuttonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0470. of clothing0
415134tʂhɛ tʂhɛpinch (of a shoe)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1406.088.4Feeling0
422965tʂhɛ ȵɛembrace a child cheek to cheekv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1575.
368266tʂhɑtean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0454.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
395603tʂhɑdeepadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0982. - high/low0
404802tʂhɑ thɑaudit (accounts)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1173.080
368832tʂoː ɕinfabric (satin)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0465.085.1Waste products0
433748tʂuə tʂuɑgrab / seize / catchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1805.086.21Acquisitions0
371035tʂuɑnbrickn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0508. of the structure0
433836tʂuɑn wɑn ɕyɛturn (a corner)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1807.086.7.6Circularly0
371868tʂuɑstablen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0524.
379857tʂuː jɛmeans / solutionn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0678.088.2Abstract verbs0
375702tʂə zgɑrack (pack)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0598.085.1Waste products0
354402tʂəŋ skɑrleader in a stockaded villagen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0182. action verbs0
410943tʂɛ tʂɛopposev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1311.086.5Fighting0
419816tʂɑfilter / strainv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1508.085.1Waste products0
372803tʂɑ tʂɑgarbage / rubbishn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0542.085.1Waste products0
436892wu kuitortoisen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0346.082.1.6Reptiles and Amphibians0
360323wu piɛcockn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0294.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
360476wu piɛ qu dʒucockscombn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0297.
362685wu rupheasantn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0340. birds0
3619721603,mwu tsɛbirdn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0326.082.2.4Birds (in general)0
357835wu tɕu puhusbandn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0247.084.7.4Related by marriage0
362277wu xu̥owln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0332. birds0
3605791603,mwu ȵɛfeather / plumen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0299.
362429wu ʂpucranen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0335. birds0
362327wui ʑɪmswallown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0333.
384335year of the chickenn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0764.089.1.2Months and Years0
3620241603,mwə nəʂnest (bird)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0327.082.2.4Birds (in general)0
368052wə◦seggn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0450.080
431945there are (trees on the mountain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1766.0810.0Grammatical Words0
375090wɛ li̥rod / stickn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0586.089.7.1Shape and size0
373478wɛschopsticksn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0555.085.5Cooking Implements0
377979wɑŋ tsənetn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0642. use/Equipment0
420089xiɛscoldv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1514.088.5.1Scold0
429496xluɑwash (clothes)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1713. (v.i./v.t.)0
373848xluɑn phəntray (wooden)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0562.085.11Artifacts (unclassified as yet)0
376471xtsəglue / gumn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0613.085.4Instruments and therapies0
397186xtʃɑpdark1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1013.089.4Colors0
398149xtʃɑpwoven, tightly (fabric)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1032.085.1Waste products0
3632582609,1172?xtʂu ʐu̥nitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0357.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
352900615xtʂuəsweatnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0154.081.8.1Sweat/Perspire0
347805xtʂətinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0055.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
352545227xtʂəgall bladdernbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0147.081.7.3Liver0
3632082609xtʂəlousen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0356.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
433225xtʂəcover / hide from viewv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1794.085.8Religion0
373689xtʂəpkettle / potn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0559.085.5Cooking Implements0
417914xtʂɛchop / hewv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1468.086.9.3Chop, slice0
404506xtʂɪ xtʂɛcut (paper, cloth)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1167.085.1Waste products0
400013xufragrant (smell)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1069.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
400111xusavory / appetizing1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1071.
358875363,sxu pɑhair / downn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0266.081.2.3Hair of Head0
403202xuəʴmove (a stool)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1139.086.7.11Movement (general)0
413944xuɑ thadraw (a picture)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1378.085.8Religion0
402504xɛpcliffy / precipitous1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1124. - high/low0
361307zdudeern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0313.082.2.2Cervidae0
366659zdu tshɑonion / scallionn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0423.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
348947zdu ʂkuforeheadn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0077.
367847zduɛəʴoil (vegetable)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0446.
351256zduʴ xu̥wrinklen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0121.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
409887zdəreadv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1287.
4192562207zdəconnect / joinv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1496.086.13.3With Tools0
349308zdɛ ku̥mouthn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0084.081.3.1Mouth0
403949zdɛ ku̥ tʂhɛclose (the mouth)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1155.
3453085656zdɑmcloudn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0007.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
3457725656zdɑmfogn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0016.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
345617zuhailn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0013.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
408844m,5577zu liuwaitv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1264.
364764zu mɑcypressnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0386.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
364394zuəpit / stonen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0379.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
365733zuəseedn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0405.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
373901zuə dɛhoop / bandn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0563.085.11.9Dwellings0
393349zuːwe allpron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0939.084.1Pronouns0
394584zuːall / whole, thenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0963.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
377092zuːʴ χu̥conduit (open, for water)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0625.085.11.9Dwellings0
347072fields (wheat etc.)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0041.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
419728leakv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1506.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
374888zə dəladdern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0582.085.4Instruments and therapies0
408894587,mzə tɑːʴmquake (earth)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1265.083.2.6Natural disasters0
3616642796,2630zə xu̥ʴmousen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0320.082.1.1Rodents0
3838792796,2630zə xu̥ʴyear of the mousen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0755.089.1.2Months and Years0
356568zə ʂu̥grandsonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0224.084.7.3Later generation0
356619zə ʂu̥granddaughtern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0225.084.7.3Later generation0
417818zə ʐgɛopen up wastelandv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1466.
378703zəmsongn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0656.085.1Waste products0
433014zəm dɛwcatch (fire) / be (on fire) (on mountain)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1789.0810.1.1Prepositions0
427806zəm tshuɑdancev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1677.086.7.9Manner is primary0
352190zəm tɕhɛʂuvulan1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0140.
348269zəpplacen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0064.089.10.5Places in general, countries0
384536zətdate (time)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0768.089.1.1Adverbial uses0
378234zəʐpapern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0647.085.1Waste products0
346080587,mzə◦pearth / groundn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0022.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
352139621,mzə◦χtonguenbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0139.081.3.3Tongue0
399962easy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1068. Qualities0
401093tasty / delicious1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1091.
380375zɛ ɑ lɑpain / agony (emotional)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0688.
373269ladlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0551.085.5Cooking Implements0
431380scoop up (water) / ladle outv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1754.086.11Digging, excavation0
354151zɑː bə ləmpeasantn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0178.080
416084zɪjcrow (of hens)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1427. birds0
416132zɪjmeowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1428.080
416177zɪjbrayv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1429.
416220zɪjneighv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1430.088.5.5Sounds0
416261zɪjmoov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1431.080
416360zɪjgrunt (of pigs)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1433. (of dog)0
416405zɪjbaa / bleatv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1434.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
416449zɪjgrowl (of tigers)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1435. (of dog)0
416496zɪjhowl (of wolves)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1436.088.5.5Sounds0
4187106725zɪjcryv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1485.
4204406725zɪjcry / chirp (of birds)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1521.
394482ŋu tɕuȵ ȵu tɕurespective / individual / eachnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0961.084.5Other Collective terms0
3476382536ŋuəsilvern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0052.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
3583062538ŋuəcattle (common, female)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0255.082.1.2Bovine0
425435ŋuəbev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1628.0810.4.1.1Grammatical case0
358503ŋuə ji miɛcalfn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0259.081.5.7Leg0
354359ŋuə rəleader in a (stockaded) villagen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0182. action verbs0
362127ŋuə ʁɑsparrow hawkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0329. birds0
354722ŋuə χpənmonkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0189.080
369912ŋuəquəsɑʴnecklace / necklet (male's)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0485. and Accessories0
369869ŋuəχɑʴwu̥necklace / necklet (female's)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0485. and Accessories0
4168232541,mŋuɛ sɛborrow (tools)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1443.086.22Exchanges0
3951327175,mŋuɛ tsɛshortadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0973.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
350191əɹ pɑχkneen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0101.
403674əɹ χuɑhug / hold in the arms1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1149.088.4Feeling0
431748əɹ χuɑembrace / hugv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1762.088.4Feeling0
351832237əʴ pɑtʂbonen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0133.081.6.3Bone0
367435əʴtsəfungus (edible)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0438.083.1.7Fungi0
431144ɛ dzɛitch / ticklev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1749.
415889ɛ dʐɛburnt / scorchedvi1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1423. pertaining to fire0
394959ɛ gɛlow / short (person)adj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0969. - high/low0
385209ɛ jinext yearn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0781.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
411098ɛ lɛput in (salt)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1315.086.17Putting0
356975ɛ miɛaunt <wife of father's elder brother>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0231.084.7.1Previous generation0
357507ɛ miɛaunt <mother's older sister>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0241.084.7.1Previous generation0
424122m,5646ɛ phɛuntie / undov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1600.086.13.1Tying0
356921ɛ piɛuncle <father's elder brother>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0230.084.7.1Previous generation0
357451ɛ piɛuncle <mother's older sister's husband>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0240.084.7.1Previous generation0
422247ɛ qhɛʴbreak / smash (a bowl)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1560.089.5Change of state0
426712ɛ qhɛʴcrush to piecesv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1654.089.5Change of state0
412588ɛ quɛhookv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1348.085.4Instruments and therapies0
414468ɛ quɛdestroy / exterminatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1390.086.9Undoing0
427657ɛ quɛfill up (a hollow)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1673.086.11Digging, excavation0
430235ɛ qɛs wɛlook like / resemblev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1729.
420529ɛ tʃuɛclose (the mouth) lightlyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1523.
432146ɛ tʃɛ tɛ piɛmeet / come acrossv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1769.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
424912ɛ tɕhin thɑseep into / permeatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1616.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
357080ɛ tɕɛaunt <wife of father's younger brother>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0233.084.7.1Previous generation0
357288ɛ tɕɛsister-in-law <elder brother'sn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0237.
357551ɛ tɕɛaunt <mother's younger sister>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0241.084.7.1Previous generation0
357948ɛ tɕɛstepmothern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0249.084.7.1Previous generation0
393306ɛ tɕɛwe allpron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0939.084.1Pronouns0
429924ɛ tʂhɛcave in / sinkv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1722.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
430974ɛ tʂhɛpress / push downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1745.089.5Change of state0
394915ɛ wɹɪlow / shortadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0969. - high/low0
432229ɛ xyɛdizzy, feel / giddyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1772., Dizzy0
431329ɛ ɣrɛbitev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1753. in Mouth0
424878ɛ ȵəseep into / permeatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1616.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
392618ɛ ȵɛeach / everyclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0926.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
416948ɛ ȵɛimmerse / submergev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1446.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
419506ɛ ȵɛdrenchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1501.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
433917ɛ ɕyɛʐ pəturn (cause to)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1809.086.7.6Circularly0
412851ɛ ʁuɛʴhang (on the wall)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1354.
357398ɛ ʂpɪjaunt <mother's brother's wife>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0239.
357783ɛ ʂpɪjmother-in-lawn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0246.084.7.4Related by marriage0
410412ɛ ʂuɛhungry, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1298.081.1.3Hungry0
430285ɛ ʂɛdigestv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1730.
430351ɛ ʂɛsubside (of swelling)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1732.086.1.1Affect0
432594ɛ χtʃuɛblink / winkv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1780.
392514ɛjtʂseveral / few, aclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0924.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
426358ɛm dzɛasleep, fallv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1647. asleep0
381852ɣdʐuəcorner / anglen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0716. of the structure0
412627ɣdʐəenough, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1349.
3615132595ɣdʐəəʴottern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0317.
404881ɣdʐɛpull down (a house)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1175.
434291ɣlədrillv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1817.086.11Digging, excavation0
413984ɣrudoubtv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1380., Believe0
4185315641,mɣəʴ ɕiɛgnaw / nibblev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1481. in Mouth0
368884ȵiː tsəcloth (woollen)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0466.085.1Waste products0
3593406037ȵusheepn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0275.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
3593856037ȵu wɛʴsheepn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0275.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
3595486037,363ȵu xu̥wool / fleecen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0279.
411016ȵu xu̥ lɪ tɛspin (into yarn)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1313.086.7.6Circularly0
407095ȵu ʁuɑʴurge / hurry / speed up1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1224. with purpose of convincing0
362800ȵu ʂpu tʃuχturtledoven1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0342. birds0
359497ȵuʂu̥kidn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0278.082.1.8Ovine and Hircine0
3596056037ȵu◦χʂdung (sheep)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0280.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
393360ȵy tɕuoneselfpron1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0940.084.1Pronouns0
349152811,820ȵə ku̥earn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0081.081.2.7Ear0
355501811,820,1409ȵə ku̥ budeaf personn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0204.
369812811,820,mȵə ku̥ pɑlearringsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0484.080
413122ȵə qhuɑɹkneelv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1360.
417442ȵə quəʴhuddle / curl upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1457.086.13.5Join (general)0
429310ȵə quəʴhold (a pen)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1709.086.16Holding0
410979ȵəəʴruminatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1312.
367743ȵɛmeat (lean)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0444.
394268ȵɛ gɛ lɑχhowintg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0957.0810.1Ontological0
417432ȵɛ tsɛ ɣliəroll up (sleeve)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1456.086.7.6Circularly0
427665ȵɛ tɛlick / lapv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1674.
394109ȵɛ ɣɛwhatintg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0954.0810.5.3WH words0
394417ȵɛ χɑnhow many (a small number) (things)intg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0959.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
396521ȵɛjhowintg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0957.0810.1Ontological0
405542ȵɛmcommend / praise1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1189.
394373ȵɛ◦tʂhow many (a small number) (people)intg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0959.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
394320ȵɑʴ wənhow many / how muchintg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0958.0810.1Ontological0
3968282483,mȵɪ xə̥ʴblack (of faces)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1005.089.4Colors0
3967852483ȵɪχblack1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1005.089.4Colors0
3860333540ɑonenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0797.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
423747ɑ dʐədissolvev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1592.086.6.2Dissolve0
409208ɑ gəʴwitherv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1272.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
412676ɑ gɑn thɑassess / estimatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1350.
429695ɑ jibirth, give to (piglets)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1717.081.1.2Life/Breathe/Exist0
429600ɑ khəʴpblind, be (acquired / postnatally)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1715.
380589ɑ kuəspart / portion / share (lit. 'share')n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0692.086.10.2Intentional loss - Abandon0
357341ɑ kuɑːuncle <mother's brother>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0238.084.7.1Previous generation0
357730ɑ kuɑːfather-in-lawn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0245.084.7.4Related by marriage0
415666ɑ lɑland / descendv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1418.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
426158ɑ lɑfall / tumble downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1642.
429843ɑ lɑhang down / droopv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1720.
420945ɑ miæn thɑshrivel up / witherv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1532.089.2.1Up0
425873ɑ məcooked, be (rice) / donev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1637.085.5Cooking Implements0
427039p,129ɑ nəlie downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1661. (down)0
356125p,1634ɑ pɑgrandfathern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0216.084.7.1Previous generation0
390204ɑ pɑuparcel / sack (of things)clf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0890.085.11Artifacts (unclassified as yet)0
403068ɑ qhɑlose / defeated1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1136.086.10.1Unintentional loss - Misplace0
421647ɑ qhɑsustain losses (in business)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1547.085.8Religion0
425775ɑ qhɑlose (a game)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1635.086.10.1Unintentional loss - Misplace0
405862ɑ qəəʴ gə̥clarify / clear up1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1197.088.3Psychological verbs0
409290ɑ qɑdropv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1274.086.16Holding0
413322ɑ qɑgo by (two years) / passv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1364.086.7.2Outward0
419986m,6212ɑ qɑset (of the sun)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1512.086.17Putting0
432824ɑ qɑopen (the mouth)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1785.
411426ɑ qɑ rəʐseparate (cause to)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1322.086.10.4Intentional separation - Sort0
423799ɑ rəʐ pədissolve (cause to)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1593.086.6.2Dissolve0
411758ɑ squɑrotv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1330.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
357566ɑ tsɑuncle <father's sister's husban1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0242.084.7.1Previous generation0
425925ɑ tʃuəripe, be (fruit)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1638.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
398102ɑ tɑnwatery / thin (porridge)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1031.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
429743ɑ xə̥ʴlay (eggs)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1718.086.17Putting0
424330ɑ ɸuɑdry (clothes) in the sunv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1604.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
405444ɑ ʁuəʴsink1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1187.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
399342ɑ ʂu̥overgrown (plant)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1056.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
422623ɑ ʂəʴ ku̥pull / lead (a cow) alongv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1568.
408612ɑ ʐu̥pound to piecesv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1259.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
392463ɑ χsɑsomeclf1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0923.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
427613ɑ χtʂɑpdark, getv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1672.089.4Colors0
426754ɑ χə ʐədamage / spoilv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1655.086.4Harm0
419907ɑ χə̥ʴmess upv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1510.089.2.1Up0
391131ɑj piɛwhile, aadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0909.089.1.4Times of Day0
398142ɑm χɑwatery / thin (porridge)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1031.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
423790ɑrdissolvev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1592.086.6.2Dissolve0
392568ɑs mɑ qɑevery dayadv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0925.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
357620ɑwaunt <father's sister>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0243.084.7.1Previous generation0
410217ɑw buheap / stack (hay, grass)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1294. action verbs0
357663ɑw tsɛaunt <father's sister>n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0243.084.7.1Previous generation0
429646ɑʁgo downstairsv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1716.086.7.2Outward0
405195ɑʂ tsɛtaste ('have a look')1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1182.
427077p,129ɑ◦nlie downv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1661. (down)0
381318ɕiwestn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0706.089.2.8Directions0
419899ɕi phɑ lɑnmessy, be / in chaosv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1509. Qualities0
401635ɕi tʃə lɑcareful / attentive1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1103.
378081ɕinlettern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0644.085.1Waste products0
385677ɕin tɕɛ jɪəʴTuesdayn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0790.089.1.3Days0
385626ɕin tɕɛ ɑəʴMondayn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0789.089.1.3Days0
402274ɕin ɸəblissful1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1118.080
361819ɕpiɛjackaln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0323.082.1.11Canine0
4183921826ɕpiɛthirsty, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1478.
368149ɕpiɛssoupn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0451.085.5Cooking Implements0
364712ɕpiɛɸpinenveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0385.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
351422ɕpɪ xli̥scarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0125. Blemish/Freckle0
3872532505,mɕtɕu suseventynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0821.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
375752ɕtɕu ʂu̥yoken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0599.085.14Husbandry0
414118ɕtɕyə gʐəreturn (a pen)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1382. action verbs0
411147ɕtɕyə kə ɕtɕẙput out to pasturev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1316.086.17Putting0
414070ɕtɕyə ʐguɛrepay (a debt)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1381.086.22Exchanges0
349101ɕtɕyəsnosen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0080.081.2.8Nose0
3863402505ɕtɕəsevennum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0803.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
429160ɕtɕəbreastfeed / sucklev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1706.
4295471387ɕtɕə ku̥ nɑlike / lovev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1714.
4022231387ɕtɕə ku̥ ɑ nɑhappy / excited1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1117.
4301921387,3520,mɕtɕə xu̥ liuwant (to go)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1728.
365834ɕtɕəχear / spiken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0407.081.2.7Ear0
402179ɕtɕəχ qəs wɛpitiable / pitiful1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1116.
3613592739ɕtɕɛmuntjac / deer (barking)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0314. (of dog)0
430045ɕtɕɛbelieve / trustv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1725., Believe0
409479ɕtɕɛ ɕtɕɛfold up (a quilt)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1278.
362581ɕtɕɑ ɕtɕɑχmagpien1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0338. birds0
402356ɕtɕɪi miɛ ʑdʑɪsad1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1120.
3523921387,mɕtɕɪj miɛheartn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0144.081.7.1Heart0
4205661387ɕtɕɪj miɛ tshɛn pɑunderstandv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1524.
345152ɕu sɑχmoonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0004.083.2.2Planets/Meteorological objects/Sky0
383519ɕu xluday (time)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0748.
401795ɕuŋ thɑfierce / ferocious1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1107. Human Qualities0
396888ɕy pured1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1007.089.4Colors0
421459ɕyɛcircle / hover / wheelv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1543.089.7.1Shape and size0
433876ɕyɛturn (round and round)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1808.089.7.1Shape and size0
369607ɕyɛsbootn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0480.
429210ɕɛ tɛsmellv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1707.
375802ɕɛ ʁuəʴring in cow's nose used to lead it aboutn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0600.0810.1.1Prepositions0
434333ɕɛχ tə qɑdrunk, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1818.
361103ɕɑŋelephantn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0309.082.2.1Pachyderms0
368159ɕɪalcoholic beveragen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0452.083.1.6Extracts and processed forms0
350800ɤrəsnailnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0113.081.5.10Nail0
350851ɤəʴ xpəlfistn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0114.
397334ɬu ɬuquick / fast1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1016. Qualities0
398382ɬɑː ɬɑsmooth / glossy / sleek1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1037.
419363ɸɑdry (clothes) in the airv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1498.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
410817ɸɑ thɑpunishv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1308. action verbs0
410538ɸɑ tʂɑn pədevelop (a career / undertaking)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1301.089.5Change of state0
3471761269,mɹa ʁuɑstonen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0043.083.2.9Rocks and minerals0
3589851431ɹuhorsen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0268.082.1.7Equine0
3841831431ɹuyear of the horsen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0761.089.1.2Months and Years0
395845ɹumany / muchadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0987.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
428316ɹuspitv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1688.081.8.3Spit/Saliva0
3685751431,mɹu liɑufodder / feed (horse)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0460., Non-edible0
3591371431,mɹu miɛmaren1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0271.082.1.7Equine0
346394ɹu pucave (mountain)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0028.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
375246ɹu tshuhalter / bridlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0589.085.14Husbandry0
3755991431,m,mɹu tshu ɕtɕureinsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0596.085.14Husbandry0
3708811431,mɹu tɕɑːʴstable / fence (horse)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0505. structures0
359036ɹu ʂu̥ponyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0269.082.1.7Equine0
3590871431,mɹu χu̥stallionn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0270.082.1.7Equine0
379222ɹuʁlbelln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0666.085.1Waste products0
3592391431,mɹu◦χʂdung (horse)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0273.081.8.5Feces/Shit/Dung/Filth/Excrement0
358715819ɹəχhornn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0263.081.2.2Horn(ed)/Antler0
407821ɹɛthresh grainv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1241.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
421080ɹɛthrow up / vomitv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1535.086.12Throwing0
422773ɹɛknock / strikev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1571.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
430533ɹɛwritev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1736.
381421ɹɛ gu̥middlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0708.081.9.4Breast0
377829ɹɛ kutrap / pitfalln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0639.085.14Husbandry0
358822596,590ɹɛ piɛskinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0265.081.6.5Skin0
403402ɹɛ qɛshell (peanuts)v1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1143.082.2.5Fish and Mollusks0
403453596,mɹɛ qɛskin (cattle)v1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1144.081.6.5Skin0
383929ɹɛ tʃɛyear of the oxn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0756.089.1.2Months and Years0
351525ɹɛ xuɛtinean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0127. Blemish/Freckle0
381798ɹɑ xu̥inside (the sea, a well)n/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0715.089.2.5Amid0
400857ɹɑ χpɑs wɛdirty1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1086.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
395760ɹɑ χu̥emptyadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0985. - general0
364450ɹɑʂsprout / shootnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0380.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
365583ɹɑχfoodstuff / grainn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0402.085.5Cooking Implements0
403020ɹɪ ɹɛswing / sway1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1135.086.7.4Regular, Cyclic, Smoothly0
376115ʁduɑhammern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0606. use/Equipment0
437092ʁduɑʂ qu putadpolen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0350.082.1.6Reptiles and Amphibians0
3452043574ʁdʐəstarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0005.083.2.2Planets/Meteorological objects/Sky0
431791ʁluəswimv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1763.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
413212ʁluətɕ ɑ lɑrollv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1361.086.7.6Circularly0
413170ʁluətɕ ɑ qɑrollv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1361.086.7.6Circularly0
365988ʁləwheatn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0410.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
367642ʁlə bu liuflourn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0442. ground and milled food0
366199ʁlə khʂɑpstraw (wheat)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0414. ground and milled food0
368422m,2585,mʁlə pɑ χɑchaff / bran (wheat)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0457.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
372497ʁlə ɸuɛʴflintn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0536.083.2.9Rocks and minerals0
368517ʁlə ɸəswheat brann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0458.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
353104187ʁləχtearsnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0158.
363569ʁləχ bəlearthwormn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0363.082.2.6Insects, Arachnids, and Worms0
3452473574ʁrəstarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0005.083.2.2Planets/Meteorological objects/Sky0
418480ʁuagree / consentv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1480.
358424ʁu miɛyak (female)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0257.082.1.2Bovine0
3871521306ʁu sufiftynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0819.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
4114676094,6094ʁu ʁucrazy, becomev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1323., Dizzy0
355763ʁu ʁumlunaticn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0209.088.3Psychological verbs0
355605ʁua liɑperson w / pockmarked facen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0206.084.5Other Collective terms0
346186ʁueʴ pu pu liuhillside / mountain slopen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0024.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
360685ʁuygoosen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0301.082.1.10Fowl (i.e. Domestic Birds)0
346132ʁuəʴ puhill / mountainn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0023.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
403113ʁuəʴ tshuəworship / make obeisance to1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1137. Religious0
418301ʁuəʴ tshuəkowtowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1476.080
401314ʁuɛɹ lɛbored1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1096.087.1.1Emotive0
355708ʁuɛʴfool / blockheadn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0208. names0
355863ʁuɛʴmuten1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0211.
368781ʁuɛʴfabric (silk)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0464.085.1Waste products0
368729ʁuɛʴ su lẙsilkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0463.080
407306ʁuɛʴʐ pəgesticulate1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1229.080
3815312154ʁuɑleftn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0710.
3862381306ʁuɑfivenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0801.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
381790ʁuɑ lɑoutside (distal)n/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0714.089.2.7Extent0
361052ʁuɑ sɑmonkeyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0308.082.1.9Simian0
384285ʁuɑ sɑyear of the monkeyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0763.089.1.2Months and Years0
373372ʁuɑ tʂɑbowln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0553.085.1Waste products0
362480ʁuɑjsparrown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0336. birds0
369504ʁuɑssock / stockingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0478.080
403251ʁuɑʴhelp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1140. action verbs0
412713ʁuɑʴhire / employv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1351.086.22Exchanges0
354410ʁuɑʴmservant (hired)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0183.084.2.10Servants0
371085ʁzuəshinglen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0509.
3761666697ʁzuəchiseln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0607.
371609ʁzuəːʴ ʁurafter (of building)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0519.085.11.9Dwellings0
364607ʁzuɸpoplarnveg1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0383.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
4371425673ʁzəfishn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0351.082.2.5Fish and Mollusks0
378809ʁzə ȵuchessn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0658.083.1.8Other wild plants0
429023ʁzə ʁzəplay / amuse oneselfv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1703.
419305ʁzɛ ʁzɛmeasurev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1497.089.8Measure Words0
3534695667ʁəɹChinese (Han)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0165.084.6Ethnonyms/Place names0
407250ʁəʴhit (a person)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1228.086.8Striking, hitting verbs0
374738ʁɛ ȵɛawln1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0579.
347483ʁȵɪsspring (water)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0049.086.7.9Manner is primary0
398862ʁɑ tɕhɛtrue1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1047. Qualities0
402976ʂeput in order / arrange1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1134.086.17Putting0
399537ʂkubeautiful1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1060.087.1.3Human qualities and appearance0
398234ʂku ɕtɕuhard1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1034.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
3549872365ʂkuəthiefn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0194.
418804ʂkuə ʂku̥pull / tugv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1487.
378499ʂkuəp mɛlstoryn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0652.085.8Religion0
413779ʂkuɛdry by firev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1374.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
371600ʂkəwbeam (of building) (big)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0518.085.11.9Dwellings0
428731ʂkɛcarry (loads; of pack animals)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1697.
3649172549ʂpubamboon1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0389.083.1.1Names of trees and shrubs0
375040ʂpu ʁukeyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0585.085.1Waste products0
3790672549,2242ʂpu◦lflute (bamboo)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0663.085.1Waste products0
3531551293,mʂpə sɑpusnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0159.
352494ʂpəlkidneynbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0146.081.7.5Kidney0
353523ʂpɛTibetan1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0166.084.6Ethnonyms/Place names0
404380ʂpɛwipe away / erase1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1164. action verbs0
4042352548,mʂpɛ tɛpatch (clothing)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1161.085.1Waste products0
404283ʂpɛ tɛtinker (pans)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1162.085.5Cooking Implements0
347278ʂpɛ ʂpɛdustn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0045.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
367214ʂpɛdpean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0433.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
367273ʂpɑsesamen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0435.
351265m,2447ʂpɑj miɛmolenbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0122.082.2.7Other Mammals0
372752ʂpɑsjoss stick / incensen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0541.085.8Religion0
369247ʂpɑtscloth (colorful, worn on the head)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0473.085.1Waste products0
347587ʂqugoldn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0051.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
349351ʂqumouth (opening)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0084.081.3.1Mouth0
399909ʂqudifficult1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1067.089.6.2Negative Qualities0
402820ʂqudecoct (porridge / conjee)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1130.085.5Cooking Implements0
433357ʂqusteamv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1797.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
4336932316ʂqucook / boilv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1804.085.5Cooking Implements0
355813ʂqu tshustutterern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0210.
415341ʂqu tsuɛavoid certain food (because ofv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1411.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
405114ʂqu ʁɛjwant to eat (meat) badly1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1180.
382338ʂqulunder (the table)prep1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0725.089.2.2Down0
436992ʂqutshɛlizardn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0348.082.1.6Reptiles and Amphibians0
355038ʂquə ʂquəmrobbern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0195. action verbs0
4282172365ʂquəχstealv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1686. action verbs0
422385ʂquɛʴ ʂquɛʴbully / treat s.b. roughv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1563.084.4.2Clans and neighbors0
416920ʂquɑban / forbid / prohibitv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1445.088.5.1Scold0
402011ʂqəlazy1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1112. Human Qualities0
380640ʂqɑgap / crevicen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0693.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
414021ʂqɑ wɛpregnant, bev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1379.
357937ʂtsɛmwifen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0248.084.7.4Related by marriage0
396940ʂtʃə χɑyellow1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1008.089.4Colors0
346557ʂulaken1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0031.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
346609ʂu bɹɛsean1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0032.083.2.3Water and other liquids0
372701ʂu mərtorchn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0540. pertaining to fire0
424429ʂu zdɑlightningv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1606.083.2.1Weather and seasons0
395803ʂu ɕtɕushrivelled / shrunkenadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0986.089.5Change of state0
404327ʂu χtʂɑwipe (the table)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1163. action verbs0
369452ʂui dɛputteen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0477.
352038632ʂuətoothnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0137.081.3.4Tooth0
373836ʂuə tʂhɑbucketn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0561.085.1Waste products0
425540ʂuə ʂuəharvest / reapv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1629.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
425633ʂuə ʂuəput in order / tidyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1632.086.17Putting0
380223ʂuəsagen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0685.089.1.2Months and Years0
353633ʂuəs mɛ lɛadultn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0168.084.2.11Stages of growth0
399489ʂuəs mɛ lɛyoung1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1059. term0
352089632,mʂuət pɛlgumnbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0138.
383829ʂuəʴ pə gu̥midnightn/adv1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0754.089.1.4Times of Day0
379487ʂuɣzgod of rain / Dragon Kingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0671. Beings0
429067ʂuɑ thɑplay / amuse oneselfv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1703.
380904ʂuɑqshadown1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0698.083.2.10Light or lack of light0
356861ʂuɑʂyounger sister (address by o. sister)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0229.084.7.2Same generation0
345102ʂuɑχlightn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0003.
411063ʂəput sthg. somewherev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1314.086.17Putting0
419593ʂəreserve (seeds)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1503.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
431999ʂəhave (eyes)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1767.088.2Abstract verbs0
432496ʂəstick into / stabv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1778.083.1.2Plant parts and types0
373742ʂə kɑŋvat / jarn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0560.085.1Waste products0
425389ʂə thɑtry / attemptv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1627. do/act0
382960ʂə χəutimen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0737.089.1.5Other Intervals0
395647ʂən thɑdeepadj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0982. - high/low0
379331ʂən ɕɑŋcelestial beingn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0668. Religious0
428594ʂəʴ xu̥pull / drag (a log)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1694.
365784ʂəχseedling (rice)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0406.083.1.8Other wild plants0
357891ʂɛ tsɛmwifen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0248.084.7.4Related by marriage0
426025ʂɛ ʂɛcount (numbers)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1640. an object0
374368ʂɛn tsəcontainer (measuring, 1-liter-volume)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0572.085.1Waste products0
431107ʂɛʴ xu̥ə̥winnowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1748.083.1.10Verbs involving plants0
375549ʂȵɑtcrupper-strapn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0595.080
431023ʂɑn thɑcastrate (cocks)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1746.
347228ʂɑssandn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0044.083.2.11Ground/Earth/Soil/Dirt0
379539ʂɑχ tɕɛ thɛ pɛBuddhan1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0672. persons/things0
378860ʐbudrumn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0659.085.1Waste products0
379008ʐbuk tshɑrcymbalsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0661.085.1Waste products0
355139ʐbəenemy (personal) / antagonizern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0197.084.2.6Military roles0
358377ʐbəyak (male)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0257.082.1.2Bovine0
3840813629ʐbəyear of the dragonn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0759.089.1.2Months and Years0
413904ʐbɛpaddle / rowv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1377.085.1Waste products0
430094ʐbɛ tɕuthinkv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1726.
3864432364ʐguəninenum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0805.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
398671ʐguəsolid1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1043.081.1.5Strength0
3873532364,mʐguə suninetynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0823.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
3619222255ʐguɛfoxn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0325.082.1.11Canine0
408015ʐgɛopenv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1246.
417593ʐgɛopen (a door)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1461.
3803242450ʐmənamen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0687.085.8Religion0
4165392450ʐməcalled, be / namedv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1437.088.5.13Beckon0
355189ʐmɛ tʃɛemperorn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0198.084.2.5Nobility0
405341ʐmɪ ʐmɛmake a row, racket1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1185.086.14Construction0
353311ʐu mucorpsen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0162. Body0
378444ʐuəʴspeech / wordsn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0651.081.8.7Speak/Say/Tell0
409121ʐuɛlight (a light)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1270.
358258ʐəcattle (common, male)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0255.082.1.2Bovine0
379800ʐəmatter / affairn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0677.088.1Abstract Entities0
425300ʐəmake / causev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1625.086.14Construction0
433794ʐə kər hɑpturn aroundv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1806.086.7.6Circularly0
423048ʐəkget / fetchv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1577.081.1.5Strength0
417205ʐɛlive / residev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1452.
431891ʐɛthere are (people)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1765.089.2.7Extent0
432356ʐɛbe (in the house)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1775.0810.4.1.1Grammatical case0
423608ʐɛn thɑlook at and distinguish (characters)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1589.
363980ʐɑ məəʴsnailn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0371.082.2.5Fish and Mollusks0
423386ʐɑn thɑdyev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1584.085.1Waste products0
372854ʐɑn ʂuidye (stuff)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0543.085.1Waste products0
425023ʑdʑim piɛ hɑ lɑgrow (a boil)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1619.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
408695ʑdʑupour or throw out (water)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1261.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
421975ʑdʑusplash / sprinklev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1554.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
426259ʑdʑyətie (a cow) tov.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1645.086.13.1Tying0
384030ʑdʑəyear of the rabbitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0758.089.1.2Months and Years0
430732ʑdʑərestv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1740. asleep0
4041831847ʑdʑɪill, to be1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1160.
4272711847ʑdʑɪache (head)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1666.
355088ʑdʑɪmpatientn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0196.
355291ʑu puking (chieftain (Mand. 'tusi'))n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0200.084.2.5Nobility0
360222ʑə ʂqɑ piɛrabbitn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0292.082.1.1Rodents0
351163591,590ʴuɛ piɛskinn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0120.081.6.5Skin0
410171χliəsnap / break (a stick)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1293.089.3Sounds0
362075χlukite (black-eared) / hawkn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0328.085.8Religion0
409248χluhold danglingly in the mouthv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1273.086.16Holding0
426113χluɑrinse (the mouth)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1641.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
374529χogoods / merchandisen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0575.085.11Artifacts (unclassified as yet)0
424610χo ti khæi thɑburn the grass on wastelandv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1610. pertaining to fire0
411693χo ʂə ŋuəsatisfy (conditions, requiremev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1328.
401669χoː phi tɕhɛːgentle / amiable1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1104. Human Qualities0
374152χoː thuŋtube (bamboo) for blowing on a firen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0567.080
379172χoː tɕhɛninstrument (two-stringed, bowed)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0665.085.1Waste products0
355386χoːtɕɑːfriend (female-to-female)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0201.081.9.3Navel0
372135χoː◦tsəbox / casen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0529.085.1Waste products0
405383χtʃuə χtʃuəmake a row, racket1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1185.086.14Construction0
3862892621χtʂuəsixnum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0802.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
3872032621,mχtʂuə susixtynum1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0820.089.9Numbers and numeric expression0
430011χtʂuɛadmire and envyv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1724.
409937χtʂəblock up / plugv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1288.086.2Action Verbs with Patient0
406065χtʂɛtake out (from in between, a part from a whole)1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1202.0810.1.1Prepositions0
406392χtʂɛwithdraw / take out1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1209.086.7.10Move with something else0
412178χtʂɛcut (meat)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1339.086.9.3Chop, slice0
412228χtʂɛsever (a rope)v.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1340.085.11.4Rope0
372599χtʂɛ ji miɛsteel (for flint)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0538.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
394698χtʂɑsmalladj1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0965.089.7.2Verbs referring to size/shape0
353992χtʂɑmlad / chap (young)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0175. term0
360847χutigern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0304.082.1.3Feline0
383980χuyear of the tigern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0757.089.1.2Months and Years0
367119χu thəəʴbean (broad)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0432.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
349415χusbeard / moustache / goateen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0086. Hair0
420243χuɑsellv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1517.086.22Exchanges0
367222χuɑ sɛnpeanutn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0434.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
366966χuɑŋ kuɑcucumbern1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0429.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
367067χuɑŋ təusoya beann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0431.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
346240χuʂvalleyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0025.083.2.5Landforms and geographical features0
346710χuʂditch / gullyn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0034.083.2.7Cracks/Chasms/Crevices0
378914χuːʴ mugongn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0660.085.1Waste products0
377252χæi pɑtʂpestlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0628.085.5Cooking Implements0
366608χæi tshuɑpepper (hot) / chilin1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0422.083.1.5Fruits and vegetables0
398965χəuncooked / raw1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1049.085.5Cooking Implements0
413733χən thɑhatev.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1373.
398003χəʴwet1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1029.086.6Verbs requiring liquids0
3746875398χɛneedlen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0578.085.1Waste products0
365481χɛ thɛwalnutn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0400.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
401828χɛn thɑfierce / ferocious1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1107. Human Qualities0
353053χɑmucus (nasal)nbp1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0157.081.8.2Snot/Nasal Mucus0
368474χɑwheat brann1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0458.083.1.4Seeds and flowers, nuts0
379322χɑlhorn (woodwind) (suo3na4--Mand. term)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0667.081.2.2Horn(ed)/Antler0
413561χɑn thɑweld / solderv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1369.086.13.3With Tools0
373953χɑs ʁuladle (gourd) / dipper (copper)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0564.085.5Cooking Implements0
367368χɑŋgrass (small)n1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0436.083.1.8Other wild plants0
377778χɑŋ sosnare / trapn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0638.085.14Husbandry0
396989χɑʂgreen1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1009.089.4Colors0
347690χɑʴ xuɛʴbrassn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0053.083.2.4Elements, metals, alloys0
351935558χɑːʴribn1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL0135.
419160χʂərein inv.1852Qiang (Mawo)343.2QiangicHuang and Dai 92 TBLTBL1494.085.14Husbandry0