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9.10.5 Places in general, countries

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
543527Places in general, countries9.10.52689.0s/k-raPLACE2PTB0.1cf. HPTB pp. 78, 17321KEEP1stedt
802110Places in general, countries9.10.52690.0ᴮglaː/ᴬglaːplace23TGTM2.1.4111stedt
487712Places in general, countries9.10.52691.0hmunPLACE / SITE / ROOM70PCC1.2.2PKC #877 ("PCC")00KEEP0stedt
51684Places in general, countries9.10.53002.0wawSHARE / LOT8PKC1.2PKC #116800KEEP0stedt
41633Places in general, countries9.10.53298.0pooŋSURROUNDING / VICINITY8PKC1.2PKC #16300KEEP0stedt