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9.1.2 Months and Years

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
54668Months and Years9.1.23613.0phal-biiWINTER68PNC1.2.1.1cf. HPTB p. 40510KEEP1stedt
2501419Months and Years9.1.23650.0s-ni(ː)ŋ ⪤ s-nikYEAR2PTB0.1cf. HPTB pp. 282, 283, 475, 524, 528; STC#36821KEEP1stedt
6068100Months and Years9.1.23651.0lo YEAR22PBod2.1.2("TIB") TBL: 0777.0100KEEP0stedt
616559Months and Years9.1.23653.0kumYEAR / SEASON2PTB0.110KEEP0stedt