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Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
45297Fall6. / FALL DOWN8PKC1.2PKC #52900KEEP0stedt
52568Fall6., kluuk-IICOLLAPSE / FALL OVER8PKC1.2PKC #125600KEEP0stedt
58100Fall6.ŋCOLLAPSE / SLIDE / FALL DOWN2PTB0.1110stedt
41333Fall6.ŋCOME OFF / UNLOOSE / FALL OFF70PCC1.2.2PKC #133 ("PCC")00KEEP0stedt
2315110Fall6. STC#123, HPTB21KEEP1stedt
350737Fall6. JAM-LITB 5.2, HPTB pp.58, 421, 42810KEEP1stedt
6188Fall6. (AS LEAVES) / CAUSE TO FALL2PTB0.1cf. HPTB p.41010KEEP1stedt
41444Fall6. / UPROOT8PKC1.2PKC #14400KEEP0stedt
731311Fall6.ɛɁᴰFALL DOWN50PKar7TL#10800KEEP1stedt
62014Fall6. OVER2PTB0.1cf. HPTB p.33621KEEP1stedt
43396Fall6. / UPROOT8PKC1.2PKC #33900KEEP0stedt