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1.9.8 Copulate

It should come as no surprise that verbs meaning COPULATE are closely associated with notions of LOVE and DESIRE. Most etyma in this chapter have a semantic range which encompasses both the physical act of love and its emotional concomitant. At least one root makes an overt connection between COPULATE and PENIS (cf. #548 PTB *s‑nyak*s‑nik PENIS / COPULATE, above). Innumerable euphemisms for the act of sexual congress occur, but most of these are best treated in a separate study devoted to verbs. Typical verbs extended to a sexual sense include: PUSH (Karbi dòy ‘push’, che‑dōy ‘copulate’); DO (Jingpho ‘do, make, form, fashion; be guilty of illicit intercourse’); MEET (Jingpho khrúm ‘meet, converge; have sexual intercourse’), etc.

Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
116091Copulate1.9.8140.0ŋ-(w)aːyCOPULATE / MAKE LOVE / LOVE / GENTLE2PTB0.1STC #31532KEEP1stedt
1646156Copulate1.9.8141.0r/m/d/s-gaCOPULATE / LOVE / WANT2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
164522Copulate1.9.8143.0kri(k/ŋ)LOVE / COPULATE2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
347625Copulate1.9.8145.0duk ⪤ tuLOVE / DESIRE / WANT2PTB0.1mostly in Chin10KEEP1stedt
347013Copulate1.9.8146.0ywaCOPULATE2PTB0.1JS-HCST: 16010KEEP1stedt
347520Copulate1.9.8147.0yaŋLOVE / DESIRE / COPULATE2PTB0.1Bai, Milang, Bokar32KEEP1stedt
347312Copulate1.9.8148.0m-brelCOPULATE / CONNECT2PTB0.1("HIM") 10KEEP1stedt
135915Copulate1.9.8149.0m-ba(k/ŋ)COPULATE / LOVE / WOMB2PTB0.1from byak VAGINA?10KEEP1stedt
34747Copulate1.9.8150.0(k/h)uŋLOVE / COPULATE3NEIA1("KMR") 10KEEP1stedt
349415Copulate1.9.8152.0(t)siCOPULATE / LOVE2PTB0.1Qiangic forms in -i prob. < *m-dza #164310KEEP1stedt
34722Copulate1.9.8154.0laCOPULATE / LOVE2PTB0.1not related to 1624 *la 'male'; distinct from 164720KEEP1stedt
34779Copulate1.9.8155.0sawLOVE2PTB0.1("KMR") 10KEEP1stedt