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Etyma in this chapter

tag num_recs chaptertitle chapter sequence protoform protogloss grpid plg grpno notes num_notes num_comparanda status public username
17157Carcass/Dead Body1.ŋBODY / CORPSE2PTB0.1cf. HPTB p.26500KEEP1stedt
1944Carcass/Dead Body1. / RESIDUE / CORPSE2PTB0.1cf. STC#268, HPTB p.22511KEEP1stedt
1868Carcass/Dead Body1.ʔuBODY / CORPSE2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
1260Carcass/Dead Body1.ŋ/k)BODY / CORPSE2PTB0.120KEEP1stedt
180110Carcass/Dead Body1.ŋBODY / CORPSE / DISCARDED OBJECT2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt
237Carcass/Dead Body1.ŋCORPSE2PTB0.100KEEP1stedt
246Carcass/Dead Body1."HIM") 10KEEP1stedt
639Carcass/Dead Body1. chars.; GSR 358q, 358r, 5o21KEEP1stedt
265Carcass/Dead Body1. #27700KEEP1stedt
257Carcass/Dead Body1.ŋunCORPSE2PTB0.110KEEP1stedt