User Interface Survey


We appreciate your visiting our site and helping us improve our search interface by putting it through its paces.

The effort should less than half an hour, and you can drop it and return to it later if you need to.

The survey is completely anonymous, but you will be given the opportunity to give us your email address in case you want to be notified when the results have been analyzed.

The evaluation has three parts:

  • Read the instructions below, then click on the links to set up the two windows you'll need.
  • Answer 10 questions using the STEDT Search Interface. Please use the interface to find the answers! Don't use Google or a dictionary, that would be cheating! ;-)
  • After you answer the questions (by typing, cutting-and-pasting, or selecting answers in the quiz part of the survey), please respond to a short series of statements and say whether you Agree or Disagree. You will also have the opportunity to provide written feedback, which we would greatly appreciate.

Thank you in advance,

The STEDT team: Chundra, Daniel, Dominic, JB, Jim, Liberty


Imagine you are a linguist or other researcher interested in languages of the Tibeto-Burman Area. You would like to look up information about words in some of these languages and to understand some of the semantic and phonological properties of these words. You have arrived at the STEDT site ( with an understanding that it is an online multilingual dictionary of words in these languages.

Your job is to efficiently and accurately find answers to the following questions, using only the STEDT database. Search the database to find the answers, and cut-and-paste, type, or select the answer into Survey page.

You'll probably want to have the two windows open alongside each other at the same time, so you can use the search interface in one, and answer the questions in the other. However, do whatever works best for you!

  • Click here to bring up the STEDT search interface.
  • Click here to bring up the Survey page.